Monday, May 21, 2018

VHS Review: Slow Normals "realmagic666FM" [PART 2]

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Cowboys now.    Loud distortion as well.    And a 900 number for a bank?  That's weird.   American National Bank.   Must be over 18.   I will not google to see if they still exist.   This feedback is coming through quite harsh though, as this spiral eye twirls around over it all.   Zs now as if we're sleeping and some jarbled words.   Music blasts in and out after someone was talking.   Slowed down R&B as we see the Earth from outerspace.   "Let's talk about flying saucers".   A reggae/dub type of feel of keys over what appears to be church and then this constant drilling distortion as well.   Now we see the flying saucers and pyramids.

There is a real sense of art to the way these images come through.   The music is in intervals now as if changing a radio station.  It talks about Washington briefly, Republicans.   For a minute there, the music felt like punk rock.   There is this old Mac type of feeling to these images as well, any part of them could really be sampled and turned into artwork for a vaporwave album.    I see sperms swimming, chess being played.   It's a quieter sound of water now with other racket which could be someone simply moving around and creating those sounds in the audio.

Someone's head is inside of a bubble and it is about to burst.   There is quite the level of static in here visually as well.    The music feels heavier now as the screen says Slow Normals.   It's more of a grinding industrial feel.   There is also a tutorial going on behind all of this.  Dragging and clicking.   Have I mentioned yet that this is trippy?   The Slow Normals text is coming up on the screen like when a VHS tape glitches and there are other colors here.   Sometimes during this I wonder why all artists don't create visuals to go with their audio such as this and it will definitely make me listen to music without visuals differently now.

It sounds like an engine is idling and the computer tutorial is layered over what seems to be some group of people really excited about living in a house together.  It reminds me of "The Real World" for some reason.   Car logos are flying by now.  This looks like Tron.  It is urging me to make my own magic as start and stop skips bring in a chillwave vibe.  A car sits in a driveway.    Someone really likes this house.   It sounds as if someone is reading from a book about skeleton fingers then there are beeps as if we are on the subway.   We are going inside the house now and the top left hand corner says "Play" and has the arrow.

An ominous sort of bell ringing with this static shaking takes us on a tour of some house and it's rather odd but I like the music side.   I say it's odd because it seems to be the first time we spend going for this long without having some image layered over some other image.  This is a nice looking house though.   Now, as a voice says "We'll start with those viles in your pocket" some harsher feedback comes through and the colors begin to bleed into the house.   Other images are spliced in now as well.  We're back at that party from earlier.   A screechy glitching and we're peeping into the bathroom now.    We have gone to that black and white static and now it is much more vaporwave in the singing way.   It says "Play" and then shows that tracking bar and I never know if that's there because Slow Normals put it there or if it's my VCR.

The way this seems to be flipping channels lands on a woman who says drugs don't cure people and we need to understand the cause of the disease to truly help.  I bet Big (P)harm(a) took care of her.   Loud, blasts of distortion are over what looks like a park now.    More scattered distorted tones now while we look at a pool.   There is a windstorm and this picture just can't seem to stay in focus but tracking isn't on it so it must be on purpose.   It's as if this other image is trying to take over the one of the guy cleaning the pool.   We got from a nice city shot to vacuum cleaners and the sounds of people talking in a crowd.

Ha, this is about Kirby now and I almost sold Kirby vacuums once but then I realized it was a scam.   It says to search the tape for a specific one but I'm not sure how easy that would be.   Do you think Kirby hands out free DVDs now with chapters to find the perfect vacuum for yourself or someone you know?   These voices are on a loop and I feel like I keep hearing them saying to get in the fun zone.   It's just kind of funny watching this because of the vacuum parts and realizing how far technology with vacuums has come and in other ways it hasn't.

Racecars, beats and screwed vocals over some definite glitching images now.  I see a snake monster for sure.   Then a Canadian flag.  I feel like this is definitely footage of 9/11 now.   We're almost into the mountains briefly and then a static wave takes us into a still image of the plane right next to the building it crashed into.   The music becomes a little bit more upbeat now, some singing and drums join the static drone but the image is still the same.    This glitches into some woman who is explaining why fast food is bad for us.

A more triumphant marching feel to the music now.  I still see cowboys.  Deeper, almost screwed voices bring out what sounds like children crying and then children talking while this purple-ish version of the Pentagon glitches on through.  "You get outta here" one of the kids says on a loop.   The audio seems to be kids talking in loops while the visual is about 9/11.   Squeals make me feel like we're rewinding now.     Drum beats and video game trill show some animals in nature now.   It's a cougar.   Static crashes begin breaking down as people are shown walking and I feel like the cougar might attack them.

The cougar begins chasing this mountain goat but the people are still shown so I kind of want them to get bit by the cougar.    Musically, this is just a static storm of destruction while the visuals feel like a movie.  The two people seem to have found the goat which was being chased by the cougar so where is the cougar?  I think the people just robbed a cave and now they're running.  They're chasing the goat but I don't see the cougar yet.   Ok, the cougar is back now and this is getting good. 

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