Monday, May 21, 2018

CD Review:
Eureka California
(Happy Happy BIrthday To Me Records)

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Since finding out about Eureka California I've tried to listen to all of their music that I possibly can and as often as I can.   "Roadrunners" has this style to it which brings out elements of Silversun Pickups but still has that pop and twee feel which I often like to associate with The Mr. T Experience for some reason.   (Something about my past)   A bit of Superdrag can come out at times as well, but this is mostly an energetic CD which I would consider to be mostly upbeat even if the lyrics aren't and you could listen to it in just about any situation.

The lyrics are in many ways make "Roadrunners" what it is, as an album.   This is my fourth time reviewing Eureka California so by now you should know their songs are musically solid-- it's not something like "Oh, they were sloppy before and now they got their shit together".   Eureka California has always been talented at what they do, from what I've heard and I do believe I've heard it all.   So the real question with this CD is just what are they singing about on it?

From getting the launch codes because it's a nuclear option to bringing about surf-like rock guitars on a song about the Buffalo Bills (which is instrumental, but I feel like the title will have people googling the team for those years and coming across the Bills standing for "Boy I Love Losing Superbowls")  there are lyrics which are easily relatable and after a few listens you'll be singing along with them.   I especially enjoy the lines: "Cause you're over it / yeah you're over and out".

"I Can't Look In YR Direction" is such a perfect example of a song I'd recommend listening to it first if you need an idea as to why Eureka California is so amazing.   It has this Foo Fighters feel to it somehow.   Though I do believe at one point I heard the song "Mexican Coke" on SoundCloud and it closes out this album but still remains one of the single best songs I've ever heard. 

"Telephone Tone" feels like Darko the Super is singing on it and if Eureka California had a way to include him in one of their songs it would probably explode my world.    Speaking of exploding my world, there is a song on here called "JJT" and though I reached out to the band to ask them what that meant there was no response as of this writing.  There is a name before it which is crossed out on the back of the CD so it made me rather curious.  I keep thinking it's JTT but alas, that is wrong.

Fun, mystery and not JTT... This could be like an episode of "Scooby Doo".   Everyone likes Scooby-Doo, right?  He's some kind of staple in society and those crazy cartoons aren't just part of my life force, right?  In any case, this is one to put on while driving around, walking, skating, hanging out with friends (If you have friends) or just sitting alone in your apartment while waiting for the mailman.   And, yes, Mexican Coke is way better than what we get here in "the states".

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