Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cassette Review: Tendher "dream" (TINGO TONGO TAPES)
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Static footsteps and electronic beeps begin this cassette.   Whirrs come in now as well and it has an almost eerie feeling to it.   Though this has a driving force to it, coming through in waves and with other sounds in place as well, it has a certain drone feel to it.  It is hypnotic.   The frequencies come through in waves, fading in and out as if they are speaking to me.   This has somehow shifted now into these soft spoken beats which form a rhythm that still feels like it could be out of a horror movie.   Frequencies return but this has a chillwave vibe to it overall. 

The tones shift over these electronic slow beats and it begins to sing more than ever now.    Sharper tones bring out more static now.   It takes on this droning electronic quality which almost makes it feel hypnotic.    At one point when I was listening to this while out in the real world and not at home, i was at Stop and Shop.   The music has this crackling static and it feels like there could even be haunted things going underneath it all.  Yet, somehow I find it soothing because as I got frozen veggies from the aisle across from the guy getting ice cream, he pulls his cart right in front of me.

What bugs me is this guy starts walking, stops after less than two feet and now I'm forced to weave through the cakes and cookies in the bakery to get around him because he is just in no way considerate of other people.   What's even funnier is as I went back to the main track he started up again and it looked like he might try and cut me off again but he was too slow.  Normally, I'd say something to someone like that or just laugh at them because they aren't aware of their surroundings and don't know how to treat people but, you know, this music just put me in this sedative state where I couldn't be bothered and just kind of floated on by him.

Back and forth and this just has a lot of build, a lot of drive before Side A comes to a close.    On the flip side we have some darkness, static distortion and then this back and forth which feels like someone waving a pocket watch in front of me to try and get me to fall into a deep sleep and be under their spell.    There is this mechanical drive to it and then this buzz comes in and I'm not sure how to describe what I feel here but I still am going with that whole concept of hypnosis.    The whirrs come in more like frequencies and then there are these giant static crashes which makes me think of destruction.

This distortion is manipulated such as a record scratch but still comes through with loud bursts.    Within this humming now comes electronic water drops.    These tones create patterns which are joined by static bursts and it has a rhythm which can put you into a trance, though it all remains rather chill.    The tones shift to feel more like squeals and the distorted parts somehow take on more of a video game feel.   It's like we're playing some kind of space-based video game and some of the language is not from this world but we are either blasting through in our ship or blasting our weapons at the enemies.

As it takes on a feel of percussion, there is also this stomping feel to it.   What I enjoy perhaps most about this entire cassette is that it flows so flawlessly.  It could be thought of as individual songs (And you can kind of hear where they might start or end) but it can also be thought of as one continuous piece of music and as such it only takes moments here and there to let you catch your breath.    Some slight sounds come through which make me feel like something is wincing as well and it's kind of odd to add to this Phil Collins sound.

In ways it feels like these little whimpers or winces can be singing along with the beeps and bloops of it as well.   I know it might feel cliche because it's been done a lot, but think of a song that has drums, bass, guitar and vocals which eventually just reduces itself to the vocals.   That's how I feel about what happens during that portion of this side only, you know, in an electronic way.   This all happens before darker, softer static takes us to a place like the more disturbing side of Nine Inch Nails.   It's a bit quieter now, more minimal than what was heard up until this point on this cassette.

Laser whirrs come through now which make me think a little of "Doctor Who" and that brings me back to that space video game feel from before, though I'm not really doubting this as being hypnotic still either.    Slow taps bring out this electronic bongo feel and it might just be that I watched the movie "Keanu" recently but this reminds me of the percussion for George Michael.    Electronics come through the background to the front and they begin to sound like birds to me.  Now combined with the drumming sounds it makes me think of that movie "Rio", you know, about the blue birds. 

Patterns form.  Drums crash.   This is rebuilding.   This is taking over.   Synth tones blast through with distorted bursts and this feels like some sort of glitch now.   It is powerful as well, something is rumbling in the background.  The whirring almost sounds like a car alarm and other sounds almost can come out like moaning in them as well.  But it feels like these distorted blasts shook the neighborhood and set off the car alarms.    This sounds more industrial now and then there is this hidden laser show coming through which is best experienced via earbuds.

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