Friday, May 18, 2018

Cassette Review:

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This begins with these beats and vocals mixed in which sound very energetic, very raucous.   It reminds me of Atari Teenage Riot, only in a more modern sense.   This takes us into a song that's much more chillwave, closer to the ambient synth beats now.    Words are on repeat but I'm not sure if they're live as I think they are an audio clip.   This could be vaporwave.   Louder beats come through now in a pop way.    It has a tropical, island vibe to it like that crab from "The Little Mermaid" but there are audio samples behind it that make it not quite as pop.

As the pace picks up now, the clips of speaking are still there but this has pumped itself up somewhere between "Weird Science" and "Run Lola Run".   It has an urgency to it, but I still feel as if someone could say "It's allliiiiiiiivvvee" at any time.   It gets a bit of a harsh drone and then all wraps up neatly.   Haunted demon vocals bring about these industrial beats.    This is even borderline instrumental hip hop.    I'm pretty sure he's telling me to give up so why not.    The music shifts to something like a video game but also a very 1980's/early 1990's synth vibe.

The beats are still strong though- whether chill or faster paced.    It seems to alternate now with this track- sometimes it's that really fast electronic that could go into techno and then it just all kind of freezes and feels like instrumental hip hop.    That funky synth comes through next which reminds me a little bit of "Ghostbusters", which I know, given the name is kind of funny.    This has a lot of energy no matter what era of music it's from (past, present or future tense) but I really appreciate that it is on cassette.

If you've ever watched a movie from the 1980's or early 1990's you'll see a lot of musical montages.    Perhaps one of the most famous would be when Ferris Bueller is running home in an attempt to get there before his parents do.   These types of things would occur in most movies though and that's what this reminds me of in a lot of ways before it goes back into this more industrial based grinding sound.    Video game lasers come through as well and this goes back to that lighter '80's feel.

"This is what you want"
         "This is what you get"

Ambient hues take us home, as we briefly have this uplifting experience like one who dies and rises up to Heaven, though in fairness a lot of this cassette has a heavier side to it which would probably summon Satan, so, who really knows, right?  What if you hear those uplifting tones and think "Oh, cool, I'm going to Heaven" but Satan's just fucking with you because, you know, he's Satan.

These songs may feel short but when they're all put together they make this one collected piece that seemingly must be heard.    If nothing else, these songs should leave you thirsty for more and, yeah, that's kind of a play on the label name somehow I guess.

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