Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cassette Review:
Final Cop
"Broken Windows"
(skrot up)

$6 // //

Final Cop is and it isn't.   That is to say, there are things about this cassette which are true and other things which simply are not.    While I feel as if the elements break down into two main factors- music and words- that isn't always the case because there are other aspects in play here, some of which you won't realize until you hear this for yourself.   Again, it is what I say it is but it is also what you hear when you press play.

The vocal side of this varies.   Sometimes- like on the first song- it can be a spoken word way like that Talking Heads song (hashtag same as it ever was) while other times the words can be spoken but feel more like a spoken word poetry somehow.  I don't know how they do it, but by the last song I hear these words that sound like an audio clip added in.  So there are at least three different ways I hear people speak on this cassette.

And that doesn't include the fact that there is singing.   And instrumental songs as well.   It can seem like a lot but it all works together somehow.   Just like the music.   At times, I feel like this music is demonic while at other times I feel like it can be trippy.   Yet, sometimes it feels like both.   Industrial hints like NIN (think: "Wish") and yet also "Land for Sale" just remids me of some good old fashion Marilyn Manson.    Yet some songs just make this feel like that type of "Weird Science" synth based rock I love to find on cassettes.

This is what I mean.  If you were into cassettes growing up (pre-grunge) like me then you will likely enjoy "Broken Windows" in a synth/new wave type of way.   But at the same time, it has some darkness to it and some of the aspects of this will make you think of "The Crow" soundtrack as well, which you might also enjoy.  Do the two things go hand in hand?  Not always, no.   But I keep trying to tell you.  Nothing about this cassette is what it seems.  And that's why I love it so much.

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