Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cassette Review:
Bonus Beast
"More Decay 2"

While this opens with some static (which might just be the cassette) it gets beats you can really move to with whirrs and radio frequencies as well.   It's this steady driving force but there are also these other glitch-like aspects to it.   It turns into this electronic tones that I like to think of as being in a cube for some reason and it reminds me a bit of the movie "Hackers".     Sharper tones come through with this as well, as a steady amount of deep static drones through the background.   I'm not sure why, but this feels like a puzzle to me for some reason.  

Laser shots come into this song as well and then it gets a bit wavy.   It's like a fly stuck in a window.   Slight sharpness comes through as this whirr is on repeat which partially sounds like something stuck on a loop and broken and yet also it could be an unce unce beat.    It grows and skips to the point where it becomes urgent and I'm thinking of "Run Lola Run".  (Side Note: I should really start tagging reviews through Blogger every time I compare them with a movie so the similars can come together)  

As this all boils to a head (it's what the kids call "a banger") it finally bursts as Side A comes to a close.   On the flip side there is a sound of steel drums right away and I'm thinking this has a reggae vibe to it from the get go.   It gets into this hard banging too, where it sounds like someone is banging at my door.   Fun Fact: My upstairs neighbor sometimes likes to bang on my door rather than ring my doorbell and I will never understand why since we all have doorbells and they just seem so much less obnoxious but which of my neighbors aren't obnoxious?

A steadier synth beat comes out now and this has a definite video game feel to it.   This turns into an even faster paced beat with these static parts mixed in where it kind of sounds like a record scratch too.  But, yes, tag this "Alias" and tag it "Run Lola Run" because it does have those feels to it.   And to be fair, looking for "Run Lola Run" through my Blogger pulled up results for (but not limited to) Magnetizer, Daniel Avery, Fire-Toolz, Miracle Swill, Patrick Cosmos, IXTAB, Luke Lund and Shapeshift.   I would say if you read any of those reviews here and enjoyed the music, Bonus Beast should be a proper fit for you.

Back and forth electronic beats feel like ping pong now (And, no, I don't know why it's always ping pong and never tennis)   This begins to take this turn to where it really opens up and somehow this static sound is being manipulated.  Maybe I've been watching too many comic book movies (probably not) but it reminds me of how Doctor Strange forms light in his hand and he can change the size and shape of it.  I imagine this happening here in a similar sense only with sound (specifically the static or a breeze) and that makes me think perhaps Bonus Beast is an airbender (Which I used to think was slang for farting)

This cassette was a bit easier for me to find from TINGO TONGO TAPES because both of the sides are single tracks as per the SoundCloud link above.   I still don't know things like editions or prices but sometimes such things do not matter.   I like the mystery.    As much as I get caught up in the idea of having to find a link to point a review towards, deep down some part of me wants the cassettes to stay true to themselves.   Some part of me has always wished that the music on cassettes would be found only on those cassettes-- no stream, no download-- but I totally understand why they are digital as well.  

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