Friday, May 4, 2018

ANMLPLNET [ Interview # 204 ]

1) Is ANMLPLNET more of "Animal Planet" or, such as an animal place on the world wide web?

We promise you, it has nothing to do with the internet. 

2) The opening song on "Fall Asleep" says you were fucked by a cloud reverse cowgirl?  What other sexual positions can clouds take on?
Can they only be on top because they're in the sky?

They are excellent at 69-ing. Give it the olde college try. 

3) Was putting out "Fall Asleep" on 4/20 a decision made based on the fact that the week before would be Friday the 13th?

No. It's because record store day is in April. 

4) Your lyrics are compelling to me, even though they are possibly not for me.   Something such as: "Hi I'm 12.  I'm from Arkansas.  I collect dead birds. They're pretty" doesn't pertain to me because I am none of these things (Though I was 12 at one time) and yet I can't help but feel so affected by that.   Can you explain why?

I believe that good story telling has the ability to evoke emotion in different types of people regardless of whether or not they have experienced the event the story is based on. In this case, it is the mass falling of red-winged back birds from the sky in Arkansas. I also was not there but this unusual event really stuck with me. 

5) I also thought I'd never find myself singing along with such notions either.   Does it occur to you when writing lyrics how they might sound played in front of a crowd with those people singing along?

Not really, no. 

6) What do you feel are the differences between ANMLPLNET and Slothrust? How do you know when writing a song whether it is more ANMLPLNET or SLOTHRUST?

ANMLPLNET is a lyrically collaborative project, whereas Slothrust I am the sole lyricist. There have been times that I have worked on songs and wondered which project they would be a better fit for, but in the end it's about identifying the aesthetic soul and energetically seeing where it will best land. 

7) You have albums on vinyl and CD.  Do you feel people who have physical media are hoarders or that digital only music is too disposable?

We are fans of physical objects. The tactile wins for us. 

8) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ??

Should out to PJ Harvey. 

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