Monday, April 16, 2018

Record Review:
"All Love Is Blue"
(Little Cloud Records)

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Back in 2013, Heaven released their debut album "Telepathic Love" which I distinctly remember writing a review for.    In the five years since I assumed that Heaven had released at least one other album that had somehow gone unnoticed by me but surprisingly they have not.   "All Love Is Blue" is only their second album and I suppose it only makes sense seeing as how you might need that long to digest all of the futuristic guitar sounds.  (Though waiting another five years for a third album is not at all my intent when typing this)

With synths and guitars at the helm, Heaven creates a sound which is dreamy and could fall somewhere in between shoegaze and dreamgaze in the grand scheme of placing genres but we both know this has to be something more than that or I wouldn't be writing about it, right?   It is pleasant and upbeat in ways, like that one song I know by Neon Trees, and in that sense the band name Heaven fits them very well.    For specific artists to compare this with I can hear a little bit of Len (You know, that "If you steal my sunshine" song) on "Springtimes" and by the end of the first song I also can hear some Superdrag.

On the flip side, the song "The Sun Shines Through In The Evening" sounds a bit like the Foo Fighters but then also has this other definitive rock sound like something from the MLPS area when The Replacements were creating a scene there.   Even with elements of Death Cab For Cutie, the strongest part of this album remains the guitars.    I feel like if you listen to either a) as much rock music as I do or b) more rock music than I do (And yes those people do exist because I tend to easily write off a lot of shoegaze for sounding the same) you can pull your own influences out here but they are all good and I feel like this is just one of those records you could put on and everyone can dig it-- there isn't really anything offensive about it but it's also not some hippie bullshit either.

Don't ask me why I know this (It's a long story in another review) but there is a song from Paul Mauriat called "Love is Blue" from 1968 and you can find other similar songs out there (Shout out to Al Martino), so as we sit here literally fifty years later- FIFTY YEARS LATER- I'm wondering why love is blue.   There is a movie which says "Blue Is The Warmest Color".   Could that have something to do with it?  I like to think it's because everything in some way is made out of love and from the ocean to the sky, well, those are both blue as well, right?

The lyrics on these songs start out somewhat hopeful with lines such as "And you know in the morning the heartbreak will pass" but they go into things like "I'm not so sure anymore" and "I cross my fingers" with a sense of uncertainty.    As the songs get slower they plea for someone to take their pain away.    "Without her here today / my love has gone away" is a particularly haunting line because I realize that the ocean is not always blue- sometimes it appears green or brown and the sky is not always blue either as it grows dark at night.    Perhaps the best way to think of this is as love as being fleeting or changing at least but my feelings about Heaven remain the same as the first time I heard them only this album is even better than before.

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