Friday, April 20, 2018

CD Review: The Hope Conspiracy "Death Knows Your Name" (Deathwish Inc.) [Deathwish Inc. 10/$10 #10]

Copy & Paste Intro: One thing we at Raised by Gypsies love is a good deal.   Deathwish Inc. offered up ten compact discs for ten dollars and I could't help but jump on it.   I have received promos from Deathwish Inc. in the past, but between moving and just life in general I'm not sure how many I still have- the only CD I can tell you I still have for certain is by The Dedication.   So take a trip with me, shall you, as I explore ten compact discs for ten dollars.

The Hope Conspiracy marks my final CD in my 10 for $10 deal.  I waited to write about them last because they are the band I am perhaps most familiar with.    "Coldblue" is one of my all-time favorite albums, not just for hardcore but in general.  I still know all of the words.  It's somewhat surprising that since that came out back in 2000 it was followed up by "Endnote" (which I also love) and then "Death Knows Your Name" in 2006.    Are they still active?  Is any hardcore band ever really "retired" though?  They all seem to come back at some point.

Man, 2000 was such a good year for me.  I saw The Hope Conspiracy more times than I could count.  I was dating a girl at the time who went to BU and so I was constantly up in MA so The Hope Conspiracy is one of those rare bands I've seen in multiple states.   I even did an interview with them at one point, probably saved on a floppy disk somewhere.   I've made friends at shows- we aren't still friends now but we were back then- strictly because of our shared love for The Hope Conspiracy.

If you've never heard The Hope Conspiracy before they play this raw hardcore sound fused with punk and it's just relentless.   You can listen to their CDs and feel like you're being punched in the face, but their live shows were even more insane.    It's kind of like if you could take an emotion and market it in another form.  Imagine you could capture love- bottle it up and feed it to people so that they could literally drink in the love.   The Hope Conspiracy in that sense bottles up anger and releases it to you in the form of song.

In addition to these punk, hardcore and even metal attributes to their songs, one of the things I've always loved about The Hope Conspiracy is that their lyrics had this meaning but also sounded intelligent.   You don't always think of hardcore as being a genre where they can say "We're pissed" in the same manner as the greatest poets or philosophers but The Hope Conspiracy found that way somehow.    The lyrics can just be quoted for days.

When people look back at hardcore music ten years, twenty years, even a hundred years from now, they're going to list off the essential bands.   Bad Brains.  Minor Threat.  Sick Of It All.  Hatebreed.  But the thing is, these people who will tell you about the hardcore music of the 21st century, yes, they might overlook The Hope Conspiracy.   But not me.  The Hope Conspiracy is really the most important hardcore band to me and likely will always be.

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