Friday, April 27, 2018

Cassette Review:

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This cassette starts off rather quietly, there are slight squeals in here but you really need to put the earbuds in to get the full sound out of it.  It picks up to where it sounds like an old movie soundtrack (think the black and white era of movies) with some magic mixed in and then I believe a sax and flute.   There is this back and forth sound and what I think of as the flute comes through with this melody and I want to say this is some kind of cop show now- "Beverly Hills Cop" perhaps, in terms of movies.

Pianos have joined the piece now but they kind of get screwed, as if the record is warped.   This drives into a darker place now, which at first feels like some sort of bad thing but eventually the pianos come through and I feel like it's an afterlife which is heavenly.   Back and forth tones now come in and they feel hollow like glass.    Words are spoken through the static now.   They come out sharp and manipulated.   It has this uplifting, ambient vibe to it even with the talking.   I still feel as if this is an older movie though, something with James Stewart.

The wind picks up, pianos and some wavy distortion come through as well.   This is growing stronger, louder now.   It fades out rather fittingly for the force it came in with and that closes out Side A.     On the flip side things have this steady clicking sound, like the second hand on a clock and sharpness comes out here and there within it.   There is a decent amount of static which also sounds like rain and then this instrument I want to say is an oboe comes through as well.  Demonic static comes into play as well.   There is singing and then loud yows which make it feel a bit psychedelic.

A radio seems to be playing a song now, yet it sounds like something horrific is happening while the radio plays and of course my mind always immediately goes to murder because I have a thing for horror movies and am not a sociopath.   Louder, organ like tones glare through now.    These organ tones can push everything else to the background but I can still hear it all back there.    Ultimately, the organs are the only thing you can hear as everything else fades and then they do the same.

Sharper tones come through now in what sounds like an alien symphony.  Somewhat like bagpipes, the screeches come through with howls.    The sharpness subsides a little bit and this turns into a fairly relaxing ambient drone piece now.    The tones grow wavy as the sharpness returns and now there is this banging, like metal on metal, which turns into either a scraping or a chainsaw warming up.   It's funny how without this grinding sound in this now it otherwise feels oh so relaxing.

Darkness like strings comes through with these squeals that could be guitar notes and though this is quiet in ways it definitely has a lot going on.    A ringing now brings this track to an end.   It returns in a more vibrant manner, somehow electric such as the dawn recovers from the night.    Static joins right in but it has the drive of a jet engine.    This feels somewhat magical as the end to this entire cassette can only be.   Typically, you will hear one sound or the other from an artist operating in these mediums but MICRODEFORM combines them in ways which you might think wouldn't work out well but can be so appealing.

(This j-card is much greener than my camera let on)

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