Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cassette Review:
Magnetizer "Town Morpheus"
(Eternal Bleep Bloop)

$20 // //

Someone gives this cassette a proper introduction and then drum beats bring in synth which give this somewhat of a dance feel.    The cymbals and drums come through and make me start thinking of C&C Music Factory.    It also has this driving video game type of feel to it as well.  Electronic pinball loops come into play as well.   It slows down though, drags out the notes a bit and just feels like it's going to break down before it makes this little skip and it's nice to hear those merry-go-round broke down elements in music.    Static skips come in as well and add another level to this all.

The tones slow down and get a little bit longer.   It's a different sound now- less fast paced, less urgent.    An electric rattle sounds like an alarm or perhaps morse code.   The tones in the background of this are darker though, sad like "Donnie Darko".   They become the only sound you hear for a moment.    Then synth tones come through like droplets of water.    Synth tones like something out of the '80's come in as well and this song just has these two different levels to it and yet they work together so well.   A third element is briefly added in and then big drum beats begin the next song with what sounds like an audio clip on a skipping repeat.

Drums clap add to the head-nodding on this song.    Modular synth comes in which almost makes me think of something related to Casio.   This brings about faster beats which remind me of Adult Swim but then there are these tones inside of them which could be from some sort of funeral or something like that-- it reminds me a bit of The Undertaker having his theme song in 8bit form.    Everything then breaks down into just this solo drum beat.   Someone is talking in the background but it is buried deep back there.    For a moment there it gets deeper, almost demonic, and then the words being spoken seem to be sped up briefly before Side A reaches its end.

Side B opens with a song that has that synth which reminds me more of the "Run Lola Run" sound, which takes me back to the Magnetizer cassette prior to this one.   The beats on the song after this get big and heavy.   It's serious; you can tell it's going down.    Even as the tones switch, a whistle comes out here and there, it still has this serious side to it that you do not want to mess with.  (It also has some serious bass)  This could sound great coming out of the speakers of your car in the trunk.    This brings us into a much more robotic song in its electronic delivery.    Solid unce unce bass brings on what I like to now think of as being vintage Magnetizer. 

We go from "Alias" into something a bit more fun that I can't quite describe but has those elements of possible ping-pong or pinball mixed in.  It gets faster with more beeps as if it is some kind of video game and we are into the next round so the enemies have become sped up (which I think is in Space Invaders, right?)   Though it might slow down by the end it just has that feeling like we have defeated the bad guys and one-- the game is over but we are victorious.

Throughtout these three cassettes, you will hear different sounds so that you will be able to recognize them if you were to play them out of order for some reason.   They remind me of a trilogy of great movies where together they are better but if you do decide to watch one and not the others it is also okay.   The only movie series I can think of like that off hand is "Lethal Weapon" but there are four of those and I usually watch the fourth one first.   If you do have the time though to sit down and listen to all three cassettes in one afternoon (or overnight) I'd highly recommend it but otherwise, yes, these are some defining pieces of music in a genre I wish to know more about.

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