Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cassette Review:
German Army
"Blue Green Depth"
(III Arms)

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"The shipments are unregistered. If you want that your order are registered, let me a message".    I'm not sure what the difference is between registering International mail and not, but I find it odd that this label is from "CT, Spain" and I'm from "CT, USA".    What is it that they say about it being a small world after all?  I keep liking and retweeting German Army on Twitter in hopes it would bring me more music and it looks like it worked.   

"Blue Green Depth" begins with a song which feels desolate, like an ghost town.   You can almost see the tumbleweed roll by and that double door they use to walk into the saloon- one side hangs off on the hinges and is about to fall, though you cannot hear it.    A more percussion based rhythm comes out in the second song followed by this snakecharmer feel in the third (only with ghosts) and I can't help but think that maybe this is some kind of Indiana Jones movie.   Mechanical, industrial grinding ala Nine Inch Nails and "The Crow" soundtrack brings out something so haunted yet minimal somehow.  

This then takes on a carnival feel, somewhere between an Atari game and actually going to one of those state fairs where you go through the midway and obtrusive people offer you to "Step right up".    Though the vocals in the background might not be intended to be so, I still hear them as haunted, as if a ghost was on this ride with us thus far.  Could this be something like "Indiana Jones and the Ghost of the Eastern Alps"?  Who knows.  I'm no Spielberg.   I just like the music, you know?

On the flip side we begin with electric traffic.   The music makes me think of somewhere between Nine Inch Nails as it has a certain darkness to it but something off of the "Hackers" soundtrack as it is lighter in ways as well.  So let's listen to this one while drinking Jolt cola (It's still at Dollar General, right?) and trolling Kanye on Twitter because that's the new hacking.   If you can't put words to these instrumental rhythms you are not getting the full concept of these songs.  

The tone shifts to a definite more industrial grind now with words spoken while it is happening.  On one hand, this could be an instructional video on how to use a cement mixer or something but at the same time it could be one of those final moment type of scenes from "A Clockwork Orange".   Is it weird to think that this music would go great with a Stanley Kubrick film?  I think the mere fact that I'm comparing music with a director speaks volumes for how borderless German Army is.  

Electronic looping takes this into a dark, hollow place.    I'm still thinking of this being an Indiana Jones film I just think the ghost could take them to a tribe which has a dance sequence like that one Matrix movie.    There is this sound now, inside this void, like a child talking, but it makes only scarce appearances.    Could this be it?  Has Indy finally transcended to that next level of consciousness?   I like to think so.   Though maybe you have your own take on this cassette, something color based perhaps.   Still, this will do in place of a new Indiana Jones for me and I hope you can find something similar in it as well.

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