Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cassette Review:
Cum Gutter / Danshoku Dino
"Air Cock Championship"

$5 //
Edition of 10 //
https://danshokudino.bandcamp.com/album/air-cock-championship //

The second release for Danshoku Dino and the first which is a split, though as I am looking at the Bandcamp now I can see any number of other splits up here as well (and a new Awkward Geisha cassette!!) So as this is my third cassette which links back to the Danshoku Dino Bandcamp page, it is also the third release in the lineup and so in that regard it's nice because at least I'm starting from the beginning and in order.

This cassette starts with a lot of sharpness.  There are some sounds to it which also make me think of electronic glitching.   It has this sharp cloud coming out, but behind it is some darkness.   If you really listen closely, you can hear beyond the drone.   Every so often these loud bursts come through but that key from "Masters of the Universe" continues to do its thing.    As it almost begins to sound haunted, the sound then shifts into a large amount of distorted static.    It begins crashing through in waves. 

The static shifts to coming through only here and there now, little bits of electricity seemingly shocking us back into reality.   A sharp sound is in the background as well, but not like before-- no, it's more closely related to a dog whistle pitch but isn't quite that either.   These carnival video game sounds begin their descent.   It has this magical/mystical sound to it, as if we're living in some other realm where everything is falling apart.  (Though to be fair, I did watch that "Dr. Strange" movie recently, so that also might be playing its part in all of this)

Danshoku Dino's side is called "Joey Ryan's Penis" so it looks like I'll be tagging him in this review again.    This song begins dark enough, with enough harsh static that it sounds demonic as vocals come out through it.   Things shift gears though into this squealing/screeching which makes me feel like we're listening to an old tape rewind but, you know, in a musical way.   It gets darker to where it feels like the sounds themselves are making the vocals, but then there are actual vocals in there coming through I believe.   It's a complex drone- which seems like something you shouldn't be able to type but it doesnt have that one constant sound with other sounds mostly buried behind it.   These whirrs like a laser gun (think of something out of the old, old Doctor Who) come out to end this piece and it's something I won't call by name because it seems kind of funny to type "Joey Ryan's Penis sounds like..."

As I type this right now, there are a total of eleven releases on the Danshoku Dino Bandcamp page.   Some of them are splits, some of them are solo and some are Awkward Geisha.   One is digital only, one is CD only and then there are a total of six more available on cassette which I have yet to hear.   So if I were you I would consider getting your hands on these cassettes before they sell out and Danshoku Dino is up to fifty releases and you wonder about what could have been back then.

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