Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cassette Review:
Alien Trilogy
"Snake Trader"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$5 //
Edition of 100 // //

There are two fun facts I would like to present to you about Alien Trilogy, one which I learned before getting this cassette and the other once I had it but before I listened to it.   The first thing is that the album "Rat Damage" is on cassette via Illegal Tapas Distro, which is why the name Alien Trilogy seems familiar to me because I was checking that out a little while back and so seeing the name there and now here on Already Dead Tapes as well just feels familiar.     Before this cassette though I did a review for Mr. Transylvania who I looked up on Discogs and found out is a member of Alien Trilogy so there is also that little bit of information to let sink into your brain when listening.

This one is loud and noisy, sometimes spoken word.   It's like Queens of the Stone Age but with lasers.   Flat out, it just rocks however you look at it.   The song "Wickeder City" has this monologue which I feel like could be from a movie but might actually be a part of the song (lyrics) since I can't seem to track it down as a movie quote anywhere.    There is also a song called "Ground Zero Texas" which reminds me of Devo as it brings in more of the synth than the regular rock sound.  I must also shout out Vagina Missile Crisis here.

Through the last track it gets wild and the vocals are spoken in a manner somewhat like Suicidial Tendencies.   There also exists a song called "Michinoku Driver" (and yes, the title does appear in the song) and oddly enough this is the second time I am writing about professional wrestling during a cassette review today.    In my opinion, Taka Michinoku is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world today and not only is he accomplished in the ring itself but he has his own school/promotion that would be a glowing reflection on that as well. 

If a shared love of professional wrestling isn't enough to get you to listen to Alien Trilogy then just know this is kind of like something you could hear on the radio but maybe not tame enough for it.   it's like if they became slightly more poppy they could be The Killers or along those lines but the fact that they aren't makes me ever so happy.    People need this loud, distorted, insane rock n roll in their lives-- I need it in my life.   It just has that feeling like you could see Alien Trilogy play live and have no clue what to expect but audience participation and drum kits getting knocked over seems like a must.

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