Friday, March 9, 2018

CD Review:
Acid Dad
(Greenway Records)

Listening to a band for the first time, even a band such as Acid Dad, is fun when you can think of reasons why you like the rock n roll sound.    There has certainly been more than enough rock music released throughout the history of time where you could draw influences to something which has already been made.   That part is always fun for me: saying "Oh, this part here reminds me of The Kinks" or "This reminds me of The Cars" and that sort of idea.

Acid Dad creates trippy, psych, punk-fused garage rock n roll.     It's fuzzy but it is also fun.    Somewhere between the Smoking Popes and The Romantics, this does turn into some heavier trippy sounds like Dylan mixed in with Pink Floyd as well.   But two of the biggest influences I hear coming out in these songs at first are Garrison and Nada Surf.    But it is fair enough to say that if you tend to like things in the "garage" genre you will enjoy Acid Dad.

The lyrics are somewhat confusing, which is something I don't get a lot and as such I like it.   I mean, most bands you listen to their lyrics and they can feel typical about love, loss, struggle, etc.   Acid Dad has a hook that says "Mother Russia does not suffer" and, no, when taken in context it doesn't make much more sense to me but it's fun and it's different so I enjoy the hell out of it.   Not to mention there is an entire song dedicated to why he could never be a marine.

As with all great bands, by the end of this album you feel as if Acid Dad is comfortable in their own shoes.   That idea of "Oh, this sounds like this band plus this band" begins to fade and you begin to hear a sound which can only be traced back to Acid Dad.    I feel like the familiarity of other artists can bring you in early but you will stick around because on a song like "Bada Bing" Acid Dad has their own sound.   This is something every artist should try but I feel like this Acid Dad album is going to be underappreciated this year.

Acid Dad's S/T album is available on Cassette/LP/CD/MP3 here:

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