Monday, March 12, 2018

Cassette Review: We Also Let Blood "Eclecticism" (Personal Archives)

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What begins with pleasant tones inside of static loops can turn into the sound of explosions.    It is somewhat odd to hear these video game type of tones floating around inside of this static where the two don't feel like they should be together, but yet it does somehow work.    Sounds like squeals come out within the static as well.   In turn, this becomes this whole sort of sound which forms into one as if a swarm is coming.   At first it sounds like a swarm, like someone hit the bee hive with a baseball bat and is about to meet their doom, but then it turns into the sound of a different storm, one of thunder and lightning.

This all finds its way to us being engulfed by the cybervoid and I'm remembering the earlier video game tones and how back then the overall feeling wasn't so bleak.    In a lot of ways it makes me feel like we've opened up this world we were never meant to see.  You know how when Mario, for example, dies he just kind of falls down and off the screen?  Imagine that instead of you starting over with a new life (or hitting reset) you'd have to actually follow Mario down to wherever it is that he goes when he dies.   I'm betting it's not as pleasant as that Bob Hoskins movie.    But this could be a soundtrack for it and an accompanying 8bit video wouldn't surprise me in the least.

On the flip side the harshness of it all continues.  As we get into this bug zapper type of quality, I feel like the songs are a continuation from the previous side even though we've entered a new, deeper dimension now.   Through all of this it somehow sounds as if there are voices though I am certain there are actually none and it is just a way of the sounds playing a trick on my ears.    It gets harsh, sharp like guitar feedback now.     This brings about some electronic glitching which sets the tone for this second half of the cassette.  What once felt like it was on a singular path has now opened up and found itself all over the place, which is simply amazing. (Imagine the change between a speck of light from a laser pointer to a strobe light)

Beeping can make this resemble what I can only refer to as pinball from hell, but if you believe we are in some sort of video game hell and wish to keep that notion alive and going then I imagine you would think of this instead as being something to do with that in a legal processing sort of way.  (Imagine a video game type morgue?)   It all comes through so choppy now but with such a heavy cloud of distortion still.   I always like to play this one loud, wondering if my neighbors will ring my doorbell and tell me what they think of it.   As it begins to grow into little waves it just sort of ends and what better structure could there be for end of life to follow?

I'm never sure where music is going to take me when I press play on it and I'm never certain if it will take you, my dear reader, to the same place or not.   Of course, even if you are not brought to the same dance as I, you shall still find your own interesting experience within these sounds.   I particularly enjoyed this one if only because recently my son and I had a conversation about how old Mario was and when I told him that Super Mario Bros. 3 was 26 years old he said "Yeah, that means he's dead".    "Wreck-It-Ralph" gave video game characters life and I feel like "Eclecticism" is giving them life after death.

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