Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cassette Review: Rambutan "Swerve Through Time" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

$7 //
Edition of 75 //  //

As per a Google search I learned that Rambutan is a fruit and one of the first results says "What Is Rambutan Good For", a question I always want to answer with "Absolutely nothing, y'all, say it again!" because of that song.   But yeah, they're an interesting looking fruit and I'm always open to trying new fruits and veggies so if nothing else, let this artist serve as a means for you to get a new addition to your diet perhaps.

Guitars echo and screech, various notes being played while this begins as a very guitar driven piece.   Helicopter whirrs come in and some dark sharpness begins to drone as well.    The droning flutters as the guitars return to clank and squeal.   We seem to go back and forth fairly evenly between guitar based songs and then songs without the guitar.   These space/alien type of sounds come out next which make me think more like we're getting away from the guitars.   They drone but in a shorter way.

An almost sort of ohm chanting feeling comes through next.   It begins to sound like Wall-E a little bit and even could sound like someone is saying "wow".    This is an interesting change of frequencies but then we once again return to the guitars, which I think in some ways resemble BBJr.   It can become quite hypnotic as Side A comes to a close and I think we've pretty evenly split between guitar-based songs and not.

On the flip side, drone begins fading in and out, so not really droning but you get the idea.   Guitar notes softly come through and it has this almost FNL way about it.    This started with a sort of drone idea and the guitars hidden away in the background, but at some point they switched.    The guitars took over the forefront and the droning ended up getting quieter and moved towards the background.    Dark guitar notes linger and then quieter as this goes on for quite some time before it just kind of ends.

If I had to break this cassette down into two pieces it would simply be drone and guitar, though there are of course other aspects in here as well.   Sometimes I hear cassettes though which can sound like one of these two elements.   Either a "drone" cassette (Which could include things such as helicopter whirrs) or a guitar-based cassette.    I don't really feel like the two combine so much, especially as they seemingly take turns but then join forces by the end.    In the company of one of these two genres these particular songs would be exceptional so having them together of course puts this cassette in uncharted territory.

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