Monday, March 26, 2018

Cassette Review:
Odd Jazz
"Odd Jazz Vol. 1"
(Mascarpone Discos)

€6 //
Edition of 40 // //

I don't really have a good reason as to why I've had this cassette for as long as I have and have yet to write about it.   It's jazz.   Pianos, horns, lots of percussion, bass lines... you know the stuff.   It's great.   At times it even reminds me of The Doors.  But as is the case with most music, this isn't as much about the sound as it is how it makes you feel.  For me, I like to put this one on and walk around town like I'm in some independent film at Sundance.   I'm thinking in my head: "This is my town.  These are the people in my town", though I technically live in a city.

One time I listened to this when I walked to the post office.  I turned it off when I went inside because I don't like listening to music in front of people in case they try and talk to me.  I also feel like it cuts the narrative.   Shots of me walking around while the music plays, inside the music doesn't play because there is dialogue.   So at the post office there was this guy putting a CD into a priority envelope because he wanted the recipient to sign for it.   The conversation went something like this.

Woman: Are you a musician?
Man: Yeah, I'm a rapper.   That's me.  (points to CD cover)
Woman: Oh wow, that's so cool.
Man: Yeah, I'm signing this CD and then sending it off to a fan.
Woman: Wow.  How can I hear your music?
Man: Oh, I'm on Facebook.  What's your name? I'll send you a friend request.
Woman: Umm...
Man: (stares blankly, not getting it)
Woman: Do you have a page?
Man: Oh yeah.  This is my page.  You can like it!

And then they went back about their business.   But it was awkward watching that guy try to hit on that girl.   You know if they became FB friends he'd ask her out for drinks.   As someone who writes about music, it's cool to see a local rapper at the post office and that makes me think, hey, I should talk to him and maybe I could write about him.   But after he got shot down like that I'm not even going to try googling him to name drop him here.

What does any of this have to do with Odd Jazz?  Not a lot, I guess, but my point is to take this music with you however you so choose, go outside, walk around your town (or city) and have one of these experiences for yourself.  Unless of course you live in a neighborhood where walking down the street could mean getting mugged or worse than just stay inside and read what other people have to say.

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