Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cassette Review: Giovanni Lami "Hysteresis V" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

$7 //
Edition of 75 //

Loud distorted mechanics begin this cassette.   It then goes into something like record scratches but also other sounds combined so it isn't that as a true sound.   Somewhat like a vacuum, it then turns to a tone which could be out of an old sci-fi film.   The sounds change, as if someone is changing the stations on the radio but without the static found in between, and it almost feels as if we are going from channel to channel to generate these different outputs.     There is static though and it does skip at times.

A bit of clanking, perhaps some rain and then it sounds as if a large metal pipe falls down.   It continues to sound as if someone is running a vacuum but it's just more in the distance now.   Some more banging and the sound of the vacuum could almost turn into an engine now, a slight squeal in there for good measure.    As it grows minimal, quieter, there are these points on this cassette where it is worth noting that everything just sort of stops for a split second.   It would be a skip in a record possibly but also it just sounds like that slight silence you can have when skipping tracks on a compact disc.

Something between squeaks and birds comes out now.   That distant vacuum is still there.    This could be a field recording of someone cleaning an aviary as I feel I definitely hear birds now but why would they only come out now if that was the case I wonder.   A tapping, perhaps hammering, comes out and I can definitely hear the caw of a bird.   If they are not doing something to the birds directly- their habitat- this could be the sounds of something nearby being cleaned and it is that brash sound which seems to suggest chaos that provides cleanliness yet at the same time coupled with the purity of the birds is quite poetic.

Side B opens with a droning that sounds like a car engine.   You know how people say that an engine can "purr"?  That's what this sounds like but I don't know why because I don't drive.    It almost feels like we're at a speedway listening to a race go by but then this becomes static thunderstorms.   Somehow these shape their way into what sound like massive footsteps so of course I'm thinking of Godzilla.   There is also a windy vibe which produces a slight squeal.

It sounds like a door is opening.    I hear the flick of someone trying to light a lighter.  The sound of a storm outside remains.   Why do I imagine this all as happening in a cabin somewhere that no one knows about?   There are a certain level of chilling undertones.   Someone seems to be fumbling with something and that just makes me think even more like this is perhaps some serial killer trying to dispose of a body. 

  Deeper vocals and scraping bring out some thunderous booms.    The static seems to suggest rain.   It cuts out for a second and then everything goes quiet.   Words give way to squeals and quieter humming.   There is static as if this is being played on a record.    Everything speeds up for a moment, then sounds like someone is walking.   As it ends it seems to make loud noises that indicate something has happened but I am not sure what.  This seems like the only fitting way to end this cassette though: not with a whimper, but with a bang.  

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