Friday, February 23, 2018

Music Review:
(Mascarpone Discos)

From what I could find on the Massicot Bandcamp page, "Morse" was actually released back in 2015 but Mascarpone Discos released it on cassette three years later.  I'm not sure why this is but I have no problem with music being released after the fact because this album sat on Bandcamp for three years without me knowing about it and now I do.

Now that I've listened to "Morse" several times my problem is that I do not know quite how to describe the weirdo/art rock/punk sounds going on here.   It's kind of like R. Clown, who I just recently reviewed, but given this was made three years ago it's ahead of its time for sure.   It's noisy.  The first song has this certain driving rhythm and then it kicks in with distortion like the car just hits this accelerated speed and can only be seen as a blur.

The vocals of Mara Krastina should be easily compared with a band like Birthing Hips, Great Grandpa and even Delta Dart as those are my go-to artists in this realm, but Massicot just doesn't sound that similar with any of them.    So I think "What if the singer was a man?  What would this sound like then?  What if it was instrumental*? Who could I compare it with?"  The answer is, I have no comparisons.   *"Tarte" is instrumental.

How do I write about something which I don't know how to describe?  It's loud.   It's a ton of energy.   It's chaotic but precise in its delivery.   And overall, aside from being one of the single best pieces of music I've heard (and I'm now browsing the entire Massicot catalog) it is unlike anything I've ever heard before which means you, my dear reader, will likely find it even more unattainable.

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