Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Music Review:
"mostla tape"
(La Souterraine)

There is this crossover sound on "Mostla Tape" that has me not sure what to describe Lundi as exactly.   On one hand, there is this slower, groove rock but it's deep and dark.   It reminds me a bit of Lou Reed's "Wild Side".    The song "Idiots Idiots" has a great bass line.   Pianos come out eventually and give a solemn feel.   There is almost this folk feel before the end is reached with waves crashing and piano chords.

For one thing, I'm not really sure what to compare what I've heard with anything else.   It starts off as this sort of mellow rock that could be appealing, it could easily draw people in so they go "Oh yeah, I like this".   But eventually it turns into something that is perhaps less universal and it might turn some people off but I feel like it's just a natural progression for the album.

This music does what all music should do in the sense that it engages the listener initially.   Whether or not you enjoy this entire album after the first few songs is up to you, but I feel like it does become a bit further out there.   I enjoy it because it's different; it's something which I cannot place.   Hopefully you enjoy the unique qualities of it as well.

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