Thursday, January 18, 2018

Music Review: Vessel of Iniquity "Vessel of Iniquity" (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)

Andy Warhol says everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame but if he was alive to witness the brutality of Vessel of Iniquity, he might say that this is fifteen minutes worth of pain.    I watched this movie once because I was really into horror movies at the time and just the most violent movies I could find and the teaser said it made "Saw" look like "Sesame Street".   I thought that was clever but the movie itself wasn't that brutal.   I would wager a line like that on this album would do well.   Take the heaviest, darkest, most violent piece of music you know and Vessel of Iniquity would make it look like U2.

This thing just powers through.   There are vocals, but for the first two songs they are so deeply ingrained in the flurry of drums and destruction you might not know it.    It's very much in your face and, well, one of my favorite parts of all of this is simply that it is unrelenting.    For the entire time you will listen to these songs, you will feel like you are being punished (or you're watching someone get punished).    It just never lets up and that's amazing to me not just for the fact that others would've needed a break but that Vessel of Iniquity goes full force the entire time.

The final track does seem to slow a little, but not as much as you'd think, but by the end of it you just have the word (the title) "Choronzon" being repeated in a haunting, terrifying way.    This just goes to show you that sometimes even though you feel like it cannot possibly get more harsh than the first two tracks, the reality is things can slow down and be much more disturbing.   It's like the difference between a movie such as "Saw" and one directed by Alfred Hitchcock.   The fact that Vessel of Iniquity has both of those sides covered while trying to keep you locked in the void makes me that much happier when listening to this.

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