Sunday, January 14, 2018

Music Review: ジップポップ1985 "パーティー・ポップス" (Schwarz Neon Licht Records)

I'll be completely honest when I say I shouldn't be the first authority on what is or is not vaporwave, as most of my thoughts on it go back to Illuminated Paths, but I still feel like I stumble upon vaporwave here and there enough to be able to recognize it when I hear it.   I can say that part of this sounds like vaporwave and part of it just sounds like something straight out of the 1980's/1990's-- something you would find on cassette back in the day.

But, as someone from the United States, isn't that what we are taught to believe other countries are like?  This comes from Israel and if Hollywood has anything to say about it, the whole country would be driving taxis and listening to music that the United States forgot about decades ago.    Can we forget that stereotype now though since a lot of people have the internet and the music is obviously out there?  I mean, this is on Bandcamp, so...

I'm fine with this being simply thought of as something from a gypsy cab.   I listen to this when I walk a lot because it has a certain level of energy.   I suppose if you ever found a cassette of electronic type music from the 1980's or 1990's-- something like Flock of Seagulls but less known-- and you added some modern sounds to it, much like what is called vaporwave, then you can get an idea of what this is like.  But yes, it is good and I wish it was on cassette.

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