Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Music Review: sleeping in "let you in"

It takes until the sixth song on here- "angel"- before you hear some sort of guitar notes that break up the heavy static wall which makes this sound otherwise.    When I hear a band like sleeping in, I don't ask myself whether or not I like them; I ask myself why more bands don't sound like them.   I think any band who puts out this gigantic wall of distortion and just lets it sort of float there is worth listening to in my book.

Right away, I hear comparisons with Hum and that's not just because I was listening to Hum earlier this week-- Hum is always my 1990's big grunge sound reference.   Could you call this post-grunge?  I think you could, if you can define post-grunge.   To me, this has similar qualities to that of a band from the era of grunge without being fully grunge itself (I even hear bits of Nada Surf in here), but at the same time, it's modern feeling. 

There are bands out there who I could pick up a cassette for and be confused, think maybe they came straight out of 1993, but with sleeping in, despite their sound reflecting those influences it has that modern feel where no matter how I heard it I would still say it's from the 21st Century.    It has that sort of slower, heavier Deftones sound at times, on the cusp of metal but never fully getting into the screaming and growling (or double bass drums).

At times, the drums remind me of Foo Fighters but only the drums.   It can sound like Reflector, who I recently reconnected with as their album "Where Has All The Melody Gone" is on Spotify.     In a lot of ways though, one of the biggest comparisons I can make with sleeping in is that they have elements of Cloud Nothings.    They don't sound exactly like each other, but it's enough that if you are a fan of Cloud Nothings it is almost certain you will enjoy sleeping in. 

Recently, I've been struggling with sleep.   Actually, that's not true.   I've been struggling with sleep my entire life.   I've slept for more than 12 hours a day for extended periods of time and I've also dealt with insomnia.   But these past few weeks my sleep schedule has been all over the place.    I could go to sleep by midnight (but usually later) and be awake by 6:30 (but sometimes even later).    There is no real pattern to it.   I feel like I need to get on a sleep schedule in order to improve my quality of sleep (That's why we have bed times as kids), but you know, desire and all of that.

Still, I think sleeping in was clever in choosing their name.   On one hand, this rock music has almost a stoner/sludge quality to it where you feel groggy, like maybe you just woke up and are shaking out the sleep.   I think the name suits the sound of the music rather well.   At the same time, it's a good name when you say it because as we are all used to waking up to alarm clocks, who doesn't like sleeping in?

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