Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cassette Review: NONZOO "WAZOO" (Already Dead Tapes)

Some time ago I considered actually making awards for those who are involved with cassettes.   I never saw it as a "you're better than this artist" idea, but more just the recognition of it all.    People I feel don't get enough recognition because as I've said before I feel like the world of talent is upside down-- some of the least talented so-called musicians are on the radio, etc.    But I think I need to find some award to give to Already Dead Tapes & Records.   In my review of Complainer I thought, "Wow, this is so good.  It's so unique"   And now I come back to that same place with NONZOO.

You have to understand this cassette starts in such a way that I can describe it but not in full.    There are vocals, there are electronics, there's rock n roll and it all comes together in quite possibly the most chaotic of ways.    It's just... It's not something I've ever heard before so I can't quite put my finger on it, and it all happens so quickly, but this is somewhere between Deerhoof and Fear Before the March of Flames when it begins.

The bass line can get funky.    I hear The Lot Six, at least I think I do because as I'm listening to it I also want to go and listen to them afterwards.    It gets into this dark place where it's instrumental at first.   It has these sort of terrifying screams like the score to a haunted house.    Clanky guitars accompany some singing and there is a ringing drone as well.   I don't know how NONZOO manages to move from one song to the next and seemingly change genres but remain intact but we are all the better for it.

There is this certain punk rock attitude which this music takes on.   It somehow can crossover through various genres without missing a beat.   I can't explain how it does it and when all of the madness is happening I can't even begin to fully describe what is happening but it's wonderful.   I'm submitted so many songs that have the feeling of "Oh, I've heard this one a million times before".   I don't understand why artists don't take more chances.   I'll never understand why more artists aren't like NONZOO, as much as I'd like for them to be.

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