Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cassette Review: Last Remaining Pinnacle “To Dream”/”What’s Your Sign” (Custom Made Music)

Normally, my first thoughts about this cassette would be the two songs on one side aspect of it.    I've actually given more thought to this than I probably should have, but yes, there are two songs on both sides and in theory it'd be more like a true cassingle to put one song per side.    However, the more that I listen to this the more that I enjoy the fact that the two songs are together for some reason.   When Side A is done, I take it out, flip it and listen to the songs all over again.    If I had to do that in between songs it might seem tidious.

While these two songs are definitely connected they also have their own identity.   "What's Your Sign?" starts with someone asking that, but on a larger scale these songs are almost polar opposites under the same umbrella.    "To Dream" has this quality of rock with elements of psych and there are vocals.     It's something like that one album I know Sprung Monkey from mixed with something else from the glory days of rock n roll (Think Neil Young or The Doors but not)   "To Dream" is a great song on its own, but then "What's Your Sign?" is a guitar fueled jam session that in ways can be very much like "To Dream" but in other ways it is not.

I still don't really feel like I have a good comparison for Last Remaining Pinnacle and that's ok.    Back in the 1990's I was into a lot of different types of music (Though I still am now) and one of the bands that always stuck with me was Jimmie's Chicken Shack.   I'm not saying that LRP sounds like JCS, but it's just that same sort of scene-- I could see them playing together, at least back in the 90's.    Or at the time- as I was living in CT- I could picture LRP as being the type of band that came through town, to the Webster Theatre in Hartford, and opened for some other band I was going to see and that's how I fell in love with them.   I don't know why but for some reason I want to say... Fishbone.

Aside from the music, there is a connection between these two songs which I feel can be best explained by their titles.    If you've ever been to a book store you will know that there are a decent number of books out there about astrology but also about interpreting dreams.   In that way, I feel like these songs go together but at the same time stand apart because people who are into astrology might not want to read about what dreams mean (and vice versa), but there is a good chance that the person shares the two similar ideas and, yes, somehow that does translate to this music.

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