Thursday, August 10, 2017

[WWE Blog] WWE Superstar Shake Up Ideas

Rumors are flying that WWE will experience another Superstar Shake Up after Summerslam.   Aside from moving women and tag teams from NXT to RAW and SDL- where they are so desperately needed- here are my Top 10 Superstars I feel need to be moved and where.   On a side note: imagine Asuka coming to RAW or SDL and having to surrender the NXT Women's Championship with her undefeated streak still holding true.   Would Nikki Cross and SaNiTy follow her though?

10) Chad Gable to RAW - Why not have the former American Alpha member on the same brand as Kurt Angle's long lost son?  They don't have to feud, they could remain friends and not a tag team, but I think RAW needs more help with their mid-card than SDL.   Gable as IC Champion sounds a lot better than having him thrown into the mix with Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Nakamura and others that fill out the US Title picture nicely on SDL.   Chad Gable feuding with The Miz would actually feel refreshing and entertaining.

9) Curt Hawkins to NXT - What has Curt Hawkins done since being back in WWE?   Lose a lot?  Send him to NXT where he can be better used and better appreciated.   A twenty minute match against Hideo Itami is better than anything he's done since his return and that includes if he ended up on the losing end of it.

8) Apollo Crews (back) to NXT - This seems like a no-brainer.   Crews hasn't really been used to his full potential since moving up to the main roster and even now, with somewhat of a gimmick he seems fairly unnoticed.   He should have been NXT Champion before leaving the brand but with the talent currently there he's better of feuding with them than anyone on the main roster.   I'd put Tyler Breeze in this same boat but I enjoy what the Fashion Police are currently doing (and the main roster is lacking tag teams as it is), so unless Crews & Tozawa go for the tag titles, he should go back to NXT and maybe take Tozawa with him.

7) Naomi to RAW - Look, there is this thing with the Four Horsewomen and with Becky Lynch on SDL it's okay and even with Charlotte there too as well, I get it.   But Sasha Banks and Bayley needed to be in as few matches together as possible.   Hopefully Naomi can change that with a move to RAW.   Plus it feels like she's done all she can on the blue brand.

6) The Usos to RAW - And if Naomi goes to RAW, she'll likely take The Usos with her, which is fine because we need a tag team shake up.   The Usos feel like they've been on both main roster brands and faced every tag team but somehow them facing The Hardyz and Cesaro/Sheamus seems less boring than what they're doing now.

5) Gallows & Anderson to SDL - Take everthing I said about The Usos and apply it to The Club.  They'll have fresh tag teams to work with on SDL, especially if more come up from NXT, and most importantly they will have AJ Styles.

4) Randy Orton to RAW - I don't care what happens with him there.   But I never really cared what happened to him on SDL either.

3) Zack Ryder to RAW - I know what I've said about tag teams, but the Hype Bros need to be no more.   Send Zack Ryder to do the job on RAW or reunite him with Curt Hawkins in NXT.  Either way, just keep him and Mojo apart.

2) Noam Dar to SDL - As part of 205 Live, you could say Dar is technically part of RAW.   I'd like to see him move out of the weight class idea and onto something bigger (pardon the pun) because I think he could do well in the SDL mid-card and matches against Nakamura, Styles, Owens and the such could be amazing.   (And moving him to SDL is another reason for Chad Gable to go to RAW)

1) Brock Lesnar to NXT - Ok.   This will likely never happen.  But could you imagine?  Brock only does certain dates any way, why not have him on a taped show?  Even Paul Heyman cutting promos via satellite would be great and then just have Brock show up at Take Over and face whoever.   Yeah.  I know.  Not likely at all.  He's too big of a draw, etc etc.   So most realistically we'll see Bobby Roode come up to... I don't know, let's say SDL.

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