Thursday, August 10, 2017

[ Interview # 196 ] Faze Miyake

1) How would you describe the music of Faze Miyake to someone who has never heard it before?

Gangsta with a touch of elegance and pizzazz. Smooth. London Boyz. 

2) Being an instrumental artist, people sometimes feel like they need lyrics to relate to or sing along with.   However, I feel like with your music the notes themselves can get stuck in your head to a point where you can almost sing along with them.    Was this intentional? 

I think when I'm making beats I try to make riffs that are as catchy as possible. That's the most important thng for me and artists even find it easier to hop on to as well. Maybe it's intentional a little bit. I do wanna make more vocal tracks now and piece up the puzzle. The beat is one big part. It becomes even more great with the right vocals and that's the aim. 

3) Especially with the advances in technology,people think that electronic music is easy to make-- that it is just pushing a button on a laptop. Having various music programs myself, I can clearly state that it is not that easy.  How do you feel about critics who think that it is just pushing a button?

I think if you asked Beethoven to sit in the studio with me and he’d shit his pants. But for real this is just another art form. Different brushes. Critics are always gonna talk, that's their occupation. 

4) Who are some of your biggest influences?  

I'd say Grime from 2001 till 2008, Wiley probably the most, Timbaland, Southern Hip Hop/rap since forever till present. Gucci Mane. Bruce Lee. Some other guy called Life. Every rave I’ve been to in every part of the world. Pretty women. All the different faces of people on different currencies. Happy people. 

5) Who are the artists you listen to that people might not think you do?

I bang out King Krule on Spotify when I'm tryna chill, too sick. I listen to a lot of French rap. Rick James was a boss. Loads man. 

6) Whenever I am submitted electronic music to listen to I find I enjoy it maybe 20% of the time at most. Who are some of your recommendations for artists in the genre people might not have heard of before?

If I'm honest I only really know about the people around me at the moment. But I'd say listen out for everyone in London man. Electronic or not. We're bringing some of the best music ever. All the time. Surrounding cities in UK too. We got this. 

7) If you could do a collaboration with any artist- living or dead - who would you choose and why?

I'd do Faze Miyake feat. Young Thug & Prince, amongst many others. I just wanna do legendary things.

8) What are your thoughts on cassettes?  Would you ever release your music on cassette?

Maybe in future. But I live in the future in my mind. The present is always temporary and doesn't mean much to me, so the past is like, non existent. I like the idea of it all though and understand what it means to people but I'm always looking forward, hence why I did the Woofer USBs a couple of years back. 

9) Final thoughts, shout outs,etc… ?

Big shout to everyone striving and working hard to achieve their goals. Stay inspired and stay true. Love. 

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