Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cassette Review: Graham Repulski "I'm Even Younger Now"

I've always felt that Bandcamp should be more of a community than it is.    I don't blame Bandcamp because they have a good structure set up; I feel people just need to interact more.    I receive periodic emails from Bandcamp informing me that the people I "follow" on there have purchased music and for the most part when I see such things I do open the links to listen to the music for myself.     One of my recent emails from Bandcamp showed one of my BC Friends as buying a number of releases from Graham Repulski.   This kind of brought my Graham Repulski interest full circle as I received this cassette months earlier then went on hiatus.

Initially, I heard of Graham Repulski because of his cassette "Success Racist" on Rok Lok Records and, well, if you're cool with Rok Lok Records you're cool with me.    I've always been a fan though of people who I hear through labels I enjoy sending me follow ups and so I was eager to listen to this cassette for sure.     The artwork is unique to each cassette and the cassette itself has this feel of something I would've purchased in the 1980's/1990's so it seems appropriate enough.

"I'm Even Younger Now" is an odd title as I recently experienced this myself.   I was going through old photos and sent one to a friend who told me that I looked older ten years ago than I do now.    It's weird, but I think as we get older the idea is to embrace our youth more and more so that we never truly grow old and die.   Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

Graham Repulski sings and blasts out distorted guitars through songs that fall somewhere between The Benjamins and Daniel Johnston, even though after you listen to them they still take on a sound all their own.   It's odd how they can go from seemingly being a chaos of noise to a more controlled sort of chaos but that is one of the things I do enjoy about them-- they are by no means standard songs in a verse/chorus/verse sense, though a few of them do take on such characteristics.

Opening up the Bandcamp page for Graham Repulski brings about a lot of music with it.   This is music I have not yet listened to but certainly would like to and can see myself doing so in the near future.    Cassettes, in that sense, can be a gateway drug to digital music, but still, as I stated in my previous review, I believe Graham Repulski is best experienced via cassette so if I have to download his music and put it onto cassette myself to listen to it that way then that I shall do.

"I'm Even Younger Now" was released in an edition of 100.   Cassettes are available for $6 by clicking here.

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