Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cassette Review: DJ DJ Tanner "ICE AT 1991" (Personal Archives)

I've always been aware of DJ DJ Tanner- at least since I started Raised by Gypsies, that is to say- though I don't believe I've written a review of the music.    A play on the name of a character from "Full House", I always thought it would be funny to see a duo between DJ DJ Tanner and Tanner Garza known as "DJ DJ Tanner Tanner Garza", which as I type it out has likely happened.    Much like all good music in the world though, it takes someone like Personal Archives to release music by DJ DJ Tanner before I finally decide to write that review.   (Side Note: You have no idea how music I listen to, enjoy and don't review simply because of time constraints)

DJ DJ Tanner does not have a sound that is easy to put into words because in a lot of ways this music draws from every sound.   And I don't mean that in a "Bro, my influences are so vast I can't even begin to try and explain them to you" way-- it literally seems to have bits and pieces of every genre mixed into it at some point.   You see, DJ DJ Tanner has what are either audio clips or actual bits of music spliced together to form his songs and it makes for this weirdo rock, which I enjoy because I, myself, am weird.

Sometimes the clips or originals are fed through as they would normally sound and other times they are slowed down or otherwise manipulated.    The closest artist I can think of to compare this with is Erases Eraser simply because it has that idea of picking up scraps and fragments and combining them to form something new and amazing.    It's the same sort of concept as Erases Eraser but the deliver is different somehow, which just means both EE and DJ DJ Tanner remain in their own classification.

From those "Keep Their Head Ringin" beats by Dr. Dre to the slowed down sound of a 1950's rock n roll song (Think "Teen Angel" or "Why must I be a teenager in love", that sort of thing), DJ DJ Tanner has musical tidbits chopped up and reattached at the hip to form something that is original and innovative.   Let's face it, if you're looking for the next Nickelback or Creed you're on the wrong website.    Though to be fair, as we close in on the end of Side B of this cassette, there are beats and horns which remind me of The Tribe so I can give you that somewhat straightforward comparison.

"ICE AT 1991" can be purchased on cassette via Personal Archives for $6, in an edition of 50, by clicking:

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