Thursday, February 2, 2017

[Gypsy Radio] January 2017 Top 10

Below are the Top 10 Songs of January 2017 as found on SoundCloud.   Please note these are not in any particular order.

(1) Richard Edwards "Disappeared Planets"

This guy has been through some shit.   And so have I.   This album is going to be great and I am looking forward to it in a way which words cannot describe.   This is the most fitting way to start this or any set of songs really.

Listen Here:

(2) Tatiana Hazel "Losing My Mind"

A lighter pop that touches on a subject which seems to become a theme this month.   You should know what the fuck is up.

(3) Poté "Egosurf (For All It's Worth)"

          A powerful electronic orchestra/carousel ride.

Listen Here:

(4) ASHA "Drowning"

Driving, hypnotic and a song which will easily get stuck in your head.

Listen Here:

(5) Orchestra Baobab "Foulo"

Something a little different that somehow fits into this set of songs for this month but at the same time stands out.   I really like it.

Listen Here:

(6) Princess Cyberspace "Blocked/Unblocked"

I didn't know "cyberpop" was a thing but it is an accurate way to describe this song, which despite the autotune and overly-catchy style really makes me think of something like Ke$ha meets Hellogoodbye.    And yes, the lyrics also hit home.

Listen Here:

(7) Alexis Nicole "EVERYDAY

So powerful.    The songs in this set from January are about not just losing your mind but loss in general and lyrically this is right up there with them.    The soulful way in which it is delivered makes it that much better.  

(8) NITERUNNER "Out Of Your Hands"

That synthpop of the '80's that I love so much.   Also a great song to listen to while driving I would imagine.    

(9) Hood Celebrityy "The Takeover (Bando Freestyle)"

A chill rap song that has police sirens to freak out your friends while driving.

(10) Linger "Avoid"

Given the nature of the lyrics for this month and the way the songs sound overall there seemed no more fitting of a song to end out this set.  

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