Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cassette Review: "Jerusalem—Electric" (Trash Dog Records)

[$7 // Edition of 25 // https://trashdogrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jerusalem-electric]

Based upon the way that this looks I would say that the artist name is Jerusalem and the cassette is titled "Electric", but I just copy and pasted what was on Bandcamp because for all I know the whole thing- both words- could be the artist name and this could be one of those self-titled deals.    I actually really like the artwork on this cassette though- right away it grabbed me- because it looks like a cassette on the cover.   I know this may sound crazy but if anyone could ever make a case for their cassette which was just in fact a larger cassette I would be really impressed.

There are two different sounds on this cassette but only because one is instrumental and one has lyrics/vocals.   As it starts and in alternating songs, there is this instrumental electronic video game vibe.    It's not like listening to something which is 100% chiptune of 8bit in terms of sound because there is a different level to it as well.   Though it might not be entirely the case I feel like the instrumental numbers on here sound less like they are being played using a Gameboy and more like they have almost a full on band sound.

Songs with vocals also exist on here as well and within those you'll find any range of electro-distorted rock artists such as AWOLNATION, Dana Fowler And The, Deathdealer, Nine Inch Nails (as it can become rather industrial at times) and even the melodies of Modest Mouse.    The lyrics can range from different topics depending upon the song but I'll probably best remember them for the song which questions whether or not we can smoke cigarettes in Hell.

If you like your music loud and abrasive (and at times, yes, I will admit that I do) then this one is for you.    Whether this serves as that boost of energy to get you charged up in the morning or your afternoon pick me up to get you through the day, use this one wisely.   I'll typically listen to something like Glassjaw or Chiodos on days I feel particularly tired and even though I wouldn't say this sounds like either of those two artists I would still put it on if I need that extra boost of energy.

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