Monday, November 14, 2016

Cassette Review: The Marshals "Les Courriers Session" (Freemount Records)

[£6 // Edition of 50 //]

When I first heard The Marshals I was impressed by their particular sound of blues.   I remain just as impressed with this cassette- the "Les Courriers Session"- as it has just as much bluesy rock in it as one can handle.    I feel like in a lot of ways my previous exposure to them was almost like an introduction to the blues itself and now I'm beginning to actually be able to hear some other influences in here come out.

From the soulful guitars of Eric Clapton to a more modern (but still not as recent) artist such as Halfacre Gunroom, this music is powerful.     It's the type of sound that if you're in a room listening to this- even on a jukebox- it demands that all conversations and other sounds cease so that every individual ear can be focused on these sounds.   We've all seen the videos where artists have had to tell fans not to film their shows with their iPhones, but I think The Marshals draw the type of crowd who would never dare.

With the harmonica and lyrics which can become really belted out, this does take a turn into this southern rock sound as well, which makes me think of The Doors.   I also can hear bits of Lucero and just that idea of when blues once crossed over with the more popular emo music at the time, but I feel like that is mostly also because that is a lot of what I know about the blues because despite my love of the blues (I mean, it's sad music) my knowledge of it does not run very deep.

Sometimes the true measure of a band can be how they are seen by their peers on some level.   There is this cover of "Folsom Prison Blues" on here which just embodies a lot of what I love about music.   If you love Johnny Cash- and you better- and you listen to The Marshals version of this song you will be able to appreciate it.   And if you can appreciate this cover of Johnny Cash, I think it will also be rather easy for you to fall in love with The Marshals if you haven't already.

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