Sunday, October 30, 2016

Loose Cannon Fodder #42 [10.21.16]

RAW started our week and opened with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens talking and that turned into a match between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho... Much like how RAW ended last week, no?   The best part of all of this was that Seth Rollins called Chris Jericho "sparkle-crotch".   Otherwise this was a bit of a waste of time since we saw this match last week with more on the line and, yeah, I don't know, Seth Rollins can't really look bad right now going into Hell In A Cell, so yeah, this match is just kind of blah.   Seth Rollins wins and I contemplate whether or not I should go to and see what I miss on RAW this week.

Jericho and Rollins bickered backstage as we went into a Sheamus vs. Big E match.  in which how long New Day held the tag titles was noted so hopefully they won't be losing them and will break the record set by Demolition.    Sheamus gave his iPhone to Cesaro so he could put him up on Facebook Live and that cost Sheamus the match so, yeah, these two are not on the same page at all but it's something just ridiculous enough I am afraid WWE might give them the titles somehow, even if by accident (like Sheamus somehow gives Cesaro a Brogue Kick only for Cesaro to land on Kofi for the pin and win) but I really hope not.

More highlights of Goldberg air as WWE continues to live in the past.

And for the first time in a while, Braun Stroman is shown on the Hulu replay.   He is facing the "Mile High Trio", who look like they will easily be defeated by Stroman.   Corey Graves with the joke of the night calls one of the jobbers No Way Jose's less threatening cousin, "Perhaps Not Jorge".    Stroman gets the win and demands the competition he deserves, which brings out Sami Zayn.     Stroman runs away and after a commercial break Zayn says he picked a fight with Braun Stroman because no one else will.   Makes sense.   I'd actually kind of like to see Zayn-Lesnar now.

Rusev came out, showed us his family tree and then it lead to a brawl between Reigns and Rusev, which is already kind of boring me and they haven't even had their HIAC match yet.

After a sit down interview type deal with Sasha Banks we're into a cruiserweight six man tag match.    Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese won the match over TJP, Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander and hopefully this will mix things up in the cruiserweight division a bit since there are supposed to be more cruiserweights than this.   Didn't Taijiri sign some kind of deal with WWE?  Where is he??

Goldberg is apparently the main event and he accepts Brock Lesnar's challenge.   A graphic shows that Lesnar will be on RAW next week and I wonder if these two will be face to face before their match?  They'd have to be, right?

NXT had more matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, starting things off with the team of No Way Jose and Rich Swann defeating Tony Nese & Drew Gulak.   I really like the team of Gulak & Nese and think they should be tag team title contenders on RAW, but whatever, this tournament needs a fun team and so the two party guys advanced here and I am okay with it.

Bobby Roode defeated Sean Maluta in the second match and it was interesting to see Maluta back from the CWC.   Of course, Tye Dillinger came out after the match because he and Bobby Roode are feuding now.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce beat down Liv Morgan and now it looks as if Liv is going to need to find a friend.

The team of Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic lost in the Dusty Tag Team Classic to the team of Austin Aries and his mystery partner Roderick Strong.    Now I'm kind of thinking Aries & Strong might be the team to beat.

Danielle Kamela defeated Nikki Cross when Cross and SAnitY continued the assault on her and the referee reversed the decision.    Seems about right.  Portraying SAnitY as not caring about wins and losses does make them seem more dangerous somehow.

Shinsuke Nakamura came out to address Samoa Joe but he was greeted by Patrick Clark who took a proper beating from Nakamura in an unofficial match.    A good showing for one of the few left from the last season of Tough Enough, haha.   No... Haha... Really.

With the World Series started- it took up my Tuesday and Wednesday night watching times, which are usually reserved for RAW and Smack Down!- and the fact that I've been reading about the shows and feel like they haven't been doing so well, we decided to pass on Smack Down! Live, even though the main event was AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth for the WWE Championship and I do enjoy James Ellsworth.   We basically decided that with RAW and Smack Down! Live, we'd just skip a week or two- probably- and then see about coming back to them after Hell In A Cell.    So, a short week for professional wrestling- as we can perhaps catch up with Impact and/or Lucha Underground next week as well, but I'm not holding my breath for that either as both of those shows have just been okay lately.  

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