Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cassette Review: Audisigil "White Window" (æscape sounds)

[$3 // Edition of 10 // https://aescapesounds.bandcamp.com/album/audisigil-white-window]

I feel like every time I get a cassingle I type about how cassingles are different now than they were back in the day because sometimes you can have that C90 with one song per side.    For Audisigil, there is one song on the first side and then two remixes of it on the flip side but the two remixes are equal in length to the original which isn't as confusing as I make it sound.     The first remix on Side B is also by Shapeshift- who is the other artist I know from æscape sounds.

The sound here is primarily instrumental though it can have these audio clips spliced in so that it isn't completely without words.     The drums keep the rhythm while there are these whirls and overall it just makes you want to get up and move.    It's got these loops but also can keep you entertained to the point where you don't feel like it's becoming too repetitive.    The synth begins to ring triumphant as well and you just have to respect the trill screeches and other mix of various sounds to form electronics which makes this song in and of itself special and worth the price of the cassette.

You'll find that the remixes can make the song a bit more funky, give it a bit more soul, but the single itself easily stands on its own and I just consider to remixes to really be extra because if the original just repeated on Side B then this cassette would still be worth adding to your collection.   So, really, you just need to think of this as being great if it was simply the one song played twice but having the two remixes just makes it beyond that and gives you less reason not to own it.

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