Thursday, August 4, 2016

CD Review: Emily Rodgers "Two Years" (Misra Records)

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The music of Emily Rodgers is right on that cusp of country, but it isn't country.    It just feels like if it somehow changed- ever so slightly- it could be country, but it simply is not.    At first, you'll hear influences such as Mazzy Star and Natalie Merchant, but then it can also sound like other artists of my youth like Jewel- who, for all intent and purposes, did have at least one decent album I'm pretty sure everyone owned at the time.   (Even though Jewel would go to become a country musician, so I know, that might seem, um, confusing)

Now, I do not run a record label nor would I really want to, but if I was to do so and felt like there was still such a thing as marketing singles to radio and video for exposure and album sales then I would definitely say that the third track on here- "Hurt"- is the song which sells this album, plain and simple.   If you hear this song and like it, you'll be into this whole CD.   If you're not into this song then, well, I'm afraid you might need to check your taste in music.    Just the lyrics about no one loving you and the such make this song so strong and yet the music accompanying these words is just as powerful.

After the rather depressing, yet awesome overall, song "Hurt" the songs on "Two Years" become mellow.    They have this haunting feel to them and yet they also can remind me of something such as Murder by Death.   I can't quite explain how or why, but they just bare a similarity that you likely will have to hear to understand if you are also familiar with Murder by Death.    But that's something that I like about this album as well-- that it just feels like ghost songs in a way but isn't called something too cliche like "Ghost Songs" or whatever.    It truly is one of the better albums I've heard in a long time and I've been playing it a lot more than I give myself credit for because it is just so easy to get lost in it.

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