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Baseball Blog ::: Barnstormers 7, Bees 6 [08.06.16]

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As part of our quest to see every Atlantic League team in New Britain this season we went with my father and Uncle Willie on this Saturday to see the Bees take on the Lancaster Barnstormers.    The Bees had lost the night before with a score of 9-2 so they weren't all in the best of moods.   We got there right as the gates were opening and it was free pin night so we got the 5th of six pins.    It is worth noting that we now have three of the pins as the first and third are too similar for me to justify buying the first one and then we missed the fourth one but it was in the gift shop we just weren't sure whether or not to buy it at this point.   The pins (and pennant) are available to the point where I could buy them and put them all together nicely, but since I didn't attend all the games it doesn't make sense to me.  I have two of the Bees pins of my bag right now and our third one- which we paid for- is still unsure of where it will go.

They didn't have players signing at the table this game so Quentin and I went near the dugout to try and get our cards signed.   Since last Friday I had gone through the cards and pulled out the players who were no longer with the team.   Then, on Saturday morning before the game, I checked to see if we were going to see that same pitcher again as the last two games and I found out he was released.    I also had to move around three other cards based upon transactions so the number of cards which we could get signed went down.   Oh well.   We ended up getting a total of twelve cards signed (Some players seemed rather bothered when we asked them, but I won't name any names) and we were only left with the two coaches and then three other players-- two pitchers and Greg Golsen.   I don't know where Greg Golsen was for this game.  He was on their roster.   I've seen him play before so I would have recognized him if he was wearing a jacket over his number 7.   But I just don't know where he was.   (On the other hand, the two pitchers we didn't get to sign, I'm not sure I could have picked them out without seeing their number so they might have been right in front of us only in jackets)

The game was a good back and forth game and the Barnstormers really gave the Bees every opportunity they needed.    There were passed balls by the pitcher, second baseman, first baseman, catcher-- just about everyone missed a ball which helped runners to advance for the Bees.   It was tied 3-3 at one point and I thought we'd be going to extra innings.   Then the Bees went up 6-3 and I was hoping for no bottom of the ninth.   Then it was tied 6-6 and we were back to the idea of extra innings.   Top of the ninth though, a Barnstormers player blasted a solo home run which proved to be the end of the game.

The odd thing here was the Bees had Nate Roe pitching (An article I found said he's 2-3 but I don't know if that's with the Bees or not) and this was if not his first start then one of his first starts while the Barnstormers had Joey Maher as their starter and he was listed as 0-0 so this might have also been one of his first starts.   It's just strange that the Bees keep losing pitchers (the bad ones get released, the good ones go to the majors) and then they somehow seem to replenish their starting rotation with pitchers I still want to see.  Nate Roe pitched a good enough game to get the W (he didn't take the loss) and the Bees also recently acquired Kevin Vance, who I want to see pitch live before the season is over and Jarret Leverett will hopefully be the next pitcher we see.

The Bees took a hard loss here and for all of our games so far this season I do believe we've only ever seen the Bees win once, which is a shame.   They were giving away a lot of tickets to the game next Saturday- which people may or may not actually show up for- but I know we're getting free tickets from the library, so hopefully they can pull out the win next Saturday for us.    On Friday night the Bees lost by a lot and then on Sunday they won by a lot as well, so this was kind of that in between game which I must admit I enjoyed just because it was so close.   It would have been better to have been there on Sunday to see the Bees get a more definitive win, but seeing the Bees lose by a lot is worse as we've seen that before as well.   So I was just happy that this was a somewhat close game throughout and seeing all of the Barnstormers errors was a rare occurrence as well.

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