Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Series 55 Charlotte (Mattel) [Figure # 110]

Following a rather successful trip to Walmart (Well, we bought two figures) we went to Target to discover their Hall of Fame series on sale for $10 which got us Steve Austin but I also saw the "First Time In The Line!" Zeb Coulter figure flat down in front of the pegs.   The card was beat up and the Battle Pack with Jack Swagger was there also so I didn't see a point in getting Zeb without Swagger but when I picked up Zeb this Charlotte figure was underneath.   I was so excited.   Quentin didn't really care.

Charlotte is probably my least favorite of the women coming up from NXT right now.   I even like Evil Emma better than Charlotte.  I just... I try watching her matches and I just don't get involved in them.  I feel like she really did get where she is by having her father's name and all of that.    It'd just be so nice to see her do something for herself, but at the same time she is playing the heel character rather well on WWE TV so I can't fault her for that.   She's going to be that heel that when she loses the title the place is just going to explode, partially for the fact that the babyface wins and partially just because she no longer has it.

This figure is a pretty standard woman mold.   She doesn't really stand out and is in the basic black she debuted in and wore for quite some time when coming up to the main roster and even in NXT.    She has her awful tattoos that she decided to get as part of her poor life choices and the designs on her outfit are all right since they aren't that complicated.

My biggest gripe with this figure is the head scan (or lack there of).   Renee Young really just looks like a derp version of Renee Young, but this Charlotte figure looks very little like Charlotte.    In fact, it started to confuse me so much that I took to eBay and began to research this figure a little bit.   The first thing I did was look up other Charlotte figures- and the hair piece really seems to give away that this is real.   But I've seen maybe three or four different versions of this Charlotte head scan on eBay and I guess it's just one of those things Mattel does now.  (see: Seth Rollins)

I opened this figure from the packaging after we got home from Target and never suspected it was tampered with until I started looking at other versions of the head on eBay.  So, naturally, I began to look up other action figures of women in WWE to see if I could find someone like a Kelly Kelly and go, "Yeah! That's whose head that is!"   It kind of looks like Summer Rae in some ways but since we have the Summer Rae figure and her hair is different I'm fairly certain that this isn't her.

Eventually, I found a photo via a Google search which showed her being reviewed on a YouTube channel and it seemed to match.   There are still different versions of this head and some of them look better than others.    I'm not really bothered by having a head scan that's maybe a 5 out of 10 at best (Seriously, Mattel, what happened to how good you used to be??) for a wrestler I don't particularly like (see: Renee Young)   This is kind of a matter of "an average figure for an average wrestler".

In the end, I was planning on buying the Charlotte/Ric Flair Battle Pack when it comes out, though that would have been me likely buying that entire set which also includes The Dudleys and Vaudevillains.    Now that we've found Charlotte at mass retail though, and since we have the Four Horsemen version of Ric Flair, that Battle Pack is going to be a pass for me and unless Charlotte comes out in another set with someone I want (A Bayley, Sasha Banks or Natalya Battle Pack, for example), this should be our one and only Charlotte action figure.

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