Thursday, April 7, 2016

Television Review: Idiotsitter Season One (Comedy Central)

I'm not sure who most of the actors in this show are aside from Stephen Root and Jillian Bell.   If you don't recognize Jillian Bell, she is part of "Workaholics" and one of the main reasons why I decided to watch this show.     After the first episode I thought this was all right but not great, so I put it aside, watched some other shows and eventually found myself coming back to it.    I thought it was funny because when watching both this show and "Workaholics" on Hulu (Comedy Central shows), Hulu felt it was the best time to promote "Curious George" coming to Hulu, which is kind of strange when you think about the idea of a kids show being promoted before something clearly not for kids.

I kept thinking about how I tweeted something to that effect and the official Twitter for this show "liked" it.     The idea of watching the show was firmly planted in my head and so when I finished watching "Breaking In" and caught up on some other episodes of current shows, I went back to "Idiotsitter".    While I know that you can't always tell or you can't always know, I can assure you that the moment when I fell in love with this show was the third episode, which yes, just oddly enough happens to be titled "Funeral".  

So, for one thing, it took one of the sort of main characters getting killed off and then the two main characters getting drunk and bonding over it for me to fall in love with this show.   But hey, they're going to a funeral.   They ate soup and they're in suits!

Another thing I must think about with this show now is that I didn't give up on it and found it funniest after the second episode, but what about all of those shows out there where I only watched the first episode (maybe even only two) and then gave up on it because I found it to be so boring?  If I had stuck with those shows, would I like them as well?  Maybe a few more episodes and I'd be into "New Girl" right now, but who knows.

That being said, this is kind of like "The Odd Couple" but there are just these weird guest stars and scenarios you'd never really think of happening and then they show up.   The first episode- "Pilot"- did seem somewhat cliche but from there it has only taken off to places that I didn't expect it or any other show to go.   I'm really looking forward to the second season as this has rather quickly become one of my new favorite shows.  

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