Friday, April 22, 2016

Record Review: Goldblums "Gnat Bones" (sumppumprecords)

Something about the rock n roll style of Goldblums leaves me knowing that no matter how many times I hear this- by however many different artists- I am always going to like it, crank it up loud and dance around.   Though it could trace back to The Lot Six for me, there are earlier influences in the days of punk rock and now more common influences in place like back when every band wanted to start with "The", but Goldblums do manage to make this sound their own, combining Tora Tora Torrance with Descendents perhaps.

The energetic songs are raw and gritty with catchy choruses of defiance and confusion.    "Bad Weather Bad" brings out a bit of Nirvana musically at first, but then when they kick into the song I can recognize it more as sounding like Shark Toys, who I also recently reviewed on vinyl (so you know they're in good company) and even a song they covered by Vic Godard & The Subway Sect.  

For these four songs, the fourth and final song finds itself on a side all by itself.   This is likely because it is not only longer than the other three previous songs but it slows down to this bluesy type of pace.   Whenever you hear someone talk about that blues infused rock n roll, like something out of New Orleans (maybe even Dr. John, but something also maybe Robert Johnson).

This just goes to show the lengths to which Goldblums can reach, stretching beyond a minute and a half song, and should more songs exist by them I want to hear them now not because I know that they have the talent to make them but because I want to hear how they make them sound.  

Also, for those willing to cash in their download code- which I really don't ever do- this can get you a magical fifth song called "Shit For Brains", which is just as wonderful as the title would suggest.  

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