Friday, April 1, 2016

CD Review: Erases Eraser "e" (5cm Recordings)

[$5 // Edition of 25 //]

"e" starts off with some screams right out of a horror movie just so you have an idea of what you'll be in for while listening.    The gears begin to twist and turn, as if the knobs are tuning some sort of giant guitar made out of something that isn't a guitar at all.   A voice begins talking about how he woke up one day and the overall vibe of it has the feeling of Suicidal Tendencies.   He says he woke up one day to find five tires- one on each of his limbs and one on his face- and it goes into this heavy freak out.   It sounds to me like this part could be recorded live for some reason but I'm not certain.

He is weaving quite the story about the spiders and the music accompanying it makes me feel like he might not be live after all but it is just other vocals make primal noises mixed with the constant drums that gives off that appearance.   This so far appears to be the most structure I've heard from Erases Erasers thus far, as it could be somewhere along the lines of Butthole Surfers or something surf rock maybe.   It doesn't have the kind of structure you might think of in this "Spiders" song, but it is there more than what I've heard from Erases Eraser before.   But I just love the storytelling aspect of this song.

The song breaks down into him admitting he's not really good at playing the guitar or writing them, whaddayacallit, words and stuff, but they wanted to hear a story.   The next song is called "Mommy" and it's someone crying and saying they want their mommy only manipulated in various forms.   I think everyone should go on Facebook right now, find someone who works at daycare or with children in general and send them that song.  It'll be great.   The drumbeats/cymbal crashes going along with it is most excellent though.   It seems like something I'd do by having Quentin cry into Garage Band and then adding effects.  (Which I did do once when he was crying "Oh no" for some reason, but I digress)

This CD has a lot more words than I remember Erases Eraser having before, but I feel like maybe it's because people complained or when the words came out on the cassette about how there weren't any words and it was "bad on purpose" so maybe it's just a matter of, "Okay, here's your fucking words now".   This next song is about an alcoholic pissing themself.  It's more like these are little stories set to crazy rock music than they are songs but in some ways the two could be mutually exclusive.   Dig that harmonica, man.

According to the Bandcamp page these songs were all recorded live and Henry is the only Culture Chester member on here and, yes, listening to this makes me want to listen to Culture Chester as well.    The fifth song is nearly nineteen minutes and is a blend of guitars and heavy drumming.   I read a post on Facebook earlier today from Local H and they (probably Scott) said that since Joe is coming back for a reunion tour of sorts it doesn't mean they're putting their current drummer aside they're just going to have two drummers and one guitar.  I feel like this song has more than one drummer on it and I'm not just being influenced by that post.

It gets pretty heavy with the guitars and vocals can come out as well.   Then I read this on Bandcamp and got confused:

"Erases Eraser's third full-length album. The first in the "eras" series, and the prequel to "r". This album was made entirely with live instrumentals."

So what about the album called "R"?  Why do we have "r" coming next but we already had "R"?  And "Domestic Violence" was first, so what is this puzzle building to exactly?

This really long song is building nicely though into sort of singing mixed with a grooving rhythm.    There has to be something someone out there can compare it with other than The B-52's but, hey, this is my review so you will like it.

A steady mix of piano keys, harmonica and drum stomps drive us into chaos and insanity and that's how "e" ends.    I will say now that knowing this is the first in a four part series I can't wait to hear all four parts back to back (which will likely require its own review) and as such I don't want you to feel like you're missing out on anything when we reach "a" or "s", but really, this is the third album by Erases Eraser.   If you don't know by now then... I don't know, man, just get with it.

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