Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cassette Review: Darko the Super & lalive "The Hell Hole Store" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 //]

I don't believe that people can read minds but I do believe that great minds think alike.   As I listened to this cassette for the first time through, I jotted down notes during the first side which as I flipped the cassette over and listened to the second side became much more obvious.     Two shining examples of this is how on the song "Kop Killer Kreep" there is a line about how the KKK will take your baby away and I thought it was a nice nod to The Ramones where if you weren't familiar with them you wouldn't get it.   Then on the flip side they straight out mention Joey Ramone and CBGB's.

Additionally- and this might be the more difficult one for you to find- when I first started this cassette, the first song or two had this feel of screwed vocals and drums which turned into this radio station type of feel.   It was singing of sorts with rock of sorts and I didn't know what to think of it but I thought it kind of sounded like Beck.   Switch to the flip side and the chorus of "Mellow Yellow" goes "They call me Mellow Yellow / We can't all be Mellow Gold".   [At the risk of stating the obvious, "Mellow Gold" is the album which kind of put Beck on the map]

What I like about this cassette is that it mixes hip-hop with other sounds and a lot of what I hear coming out in it is actually mentioned during the songs as well, so it's not just me thinking it but them kind of admitting it.    Of course my first and obvious comparison for anything with a live band and hip-hop infused raps is A Tribe Called Quest, but they actually mention Arrested Development before I can think it and I'm pretty sure they mean the musicians not the television series.

From Fun Lovin' Criminals to that time De La Soul teamed up with Teenage Fanclub on the "Judgment Night" soundtrack (And yes, they do drop the De La Soul name) this is a multi-MC journey through something as serious as the phrase "cop killer" being shouted to a line such as "You coulda bought an album or at least asked our names".    And then you can just have an overall catchy song like "Get Low" which I know you'll be banging in the speakers in your trunk.

Darko The Super and Ialive have created a cassette that those who do not listen to "the rap music" or just have never really been a fan of hip-hop (I know, I know, but they do exist) can even appreciate.    And those who are already fans of the genre will be blown away by this.   And as my cassettes from my youth will tell you, there is simply no better way to listen to this one than on cassette as it seems to fit in so well with my "Low End Theory" and the other countless cassettes I have that Columbia House probably still wants me to pay for now.

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