Friday, April 8, 2016

Cassette Review: Angel Dust "Surrounding" (White Reeves Productions)

Does anyone else remember when there was a wrestler in the early days of Ring of Honor called Angel Dust?   He hung out with that whole crew called "Special K" and in one segment Low-Ki managed to take them all out?    That was when I first really started watching ROH and to think of this as being in tribute to him would be nice but I think that the time frame of it all is a bit off, no?   Maybe if it was five years ago...

"Surrounding" begins with some trippy, psychedelic bliss.   Through static and windy drone comes frequencies such as the radio.   Of course this does remind me of trying to get a radio station to come in clearly, which rather than taking me back to the "old days" takes me back to any time I've been on a roadtrip in an unfamiliar state and have played with the radio (We used to have a van that only had a radio-- no tape deck even)   

Through an ominous build the mood becomes tense.   A bell ringing turns to drone and then that becomes static bliss drone.    It's big beats, yet hollow somehow.   Static slips take us into static blasts and there are also whirrs and whooshes to close out Side A.

On the flip side we begin with a hollow static which has an increasing intensity.   An angry electro-static brings out the foggy side of things.   Galactic patterns and crystal tones- both of which should be in space- somehow take us to underwater static.   Perhaps I need to read some science books and rethink my ideas of being in space and being underwater.   Are they more similar than I think?

This all comes to a head and just sort of cuts off to end what is a rather interesting cassette not because of the components involved so much as the way which they are being used and combined.    I imagine it as being someone once trying to form a rock band with only drums and a guitar and someone telling them "But you need a bass guitar as well" and the idea of not having it was simply unheard of in music.    Well, a lot of what's going on here also seems to be that taboo sort of feeling yet it works.  

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