Thursday, March 24, 2016

CD Review: World War IX "If One Of These Bottles Should Happen To Fall"

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The first time I really had my eyes opened to punk rock music was when I watched the documentary "American Hardcore".   It's kind of strange how I grew up listening to what I believe to be the best time for labels like Epitaph, Victory Record and Revelation Records and yet it seemingly took me so long to hear about certain artists in that film.   Though I could have done without the constant yammering of Henry Rollins.

I never know how to think of fast punk rock songs.   In my mind, they always sound more like when CIV covered Minor Threat or Suicide Machines but in reality World War IX has a sound that reminds me of Guttermouth (especially their Nitro Records albums) and given the fact that I've been listening to Guttermouth for such a long time and haven't found another punk band I like as much as them it just goes to show you how great not only Guttermouth is but also World War IX.    This is like hearing "Friendly People" for the first time all over again.

While I realize how incredibly naive it sounds to type this, when I began to see certain labels change their direction (away from punk and hardcore music) and a lot of the bands in those genres that I liked either stopped making music or changed their sound as well, I felt like in some ways, yeah, punk did kind of die for me.   But then I realized that just because Epitaph- for example- stopped promoting punk bands it didn't mean that punk was dead.

I felt good about the state of punk rock a few years ago and I think punk rock bands and I can once again be friends simply because of the d.i.y. ethic behind it all and whether you're punk or hardcore (or any musician for that matter) cassettes are inexpensive and I love cassettes.    I mean, obviously if anyone wanted to release a World War IX cassette it'd be most excellent but, yeah, what are these songs about?  I'm pretty sure most of them are about drinking.    But don't push them away-- embrace them.

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