Friday, August 7, 2015

MP3 Review: Bataille Solaire "Dolby's ON" (Mansions and Millions)

[SOLD OUT  cassette // 4 to Download //]

Through the various sources of electronics on this cassette I am reminded of only a few other artists who I listen to but they are some of the best amongst my flock and so I hold a special place for this one as well.   Gora Sou comes to mind right away and I must admit that it was my own fault for not being able to get "Dolby's ON" as a cassette simply because by the time I had seen it on Bandcamp I was already too late.  I used to troll Bandcamp every day like clockwork but now sometimes I'm lucky to be on there once a week.

Video games, pinball machines and other such beeps I have no real idea of where to put this exactly but just feel it must be on some level how the acoustic guitar feels about the electric guitar as these tones and patterns being used to create music such as this is still somewhat revolutionary because, well, not everyone is doing it (or at least not this well)  So if you want to hear something which is not traditionally electronic then I highly must suggest you download this one and not sleep on another Bataille Solaire release because I don't want to miss out next time either.    This is just such excellent programming music.

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