Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toy Review: Bumblebee / Transformers Mashers (Hasbro)

Once I believe we're done finding Transformers Mashers on clearance (because it was really just our Target that had them on clearance) we went to another Target and found them on clearance as well.   The "deluxe" versions were only at $10.44, which was strange because we almost got Bulkhead with Bumblebee to do the $5 off coupon but I didn't want to pay more for Bulkhead at this Target than how much he was on clearance for ($7.68) at our Target.    There were no stickers on the "basic" Mashers though to show that they were on clearance so I was quite surprised to price check this Bumblebee and discover he was on clearance for $3.08!  

Now they had two of this Bumblebee and two of Autobot Springer as well, but those were the only "basic" TF Mashers that they had.   I didn't want to get one of the higher priced ones with Bumblebee so at first the plan was to simply pick up this Bumblebee for $3.08 and consider ourselves lucky because it's less than the $5 asking price at Five Below (Using coupons, sales, etc. I don't like to pay more than $5 per Masher) Then it came to me like a stroke of genius.   We could buy both of the "basic" Bumblebees for $3.08 each and use the coupon that gets us $5 off the purchase of two Mashers.

I want you to think about this and wonder what is going on with how things work- the value of material possessions, etc.- when this is the scenario.   You can buy either one Bumblebee for $3 or buy two Bumblebees for $1.   What?   Granted, you have to have the coupon and this falls under a very specific scenario also involving a clearance price tag but still, it's kind of strange to think about, isn't it?   I suppose I could have used another $5 off coupon and bought two of Autobot Springer for $1 but I just don't need those Springers, man.   (And again, let's not be greedy)

So by using a coupon I somehow went from paying $3.08 to a mere $0.50 (roughly) for this toy.   Wow.  This is really more of a "gloat post" than a review, but it also makes you wonder how much these toys are actually worth when you can end up paying this little for them and their regular price is $9.99 at Target.   Actually, it's probably better if you don't think about it.

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