Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CD Review: Rob Magill "Experiment" (Weird Cry Records)

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This is one of two Rob Magill CDs I have that are not listed on the Weird Cry Bandcamp site but they are on his personal Bandcamp page.    The CD begins with an introduction to tell us that this is an experiment and given the title it makes sense.   The sound then becomes something of audio samples, as there is singing and people talking about politics and what not.   In many ways it simply reminds me of my theory of how people cut up cassettes and splice the actual tape together to form some sort of new sound.   Even though I've always had visions of artists doing this, I'm fairly certain that no one actually does it.   Wouldn't it be fun though to just grab some random cassettes, cut pieces out of them and then tape all of those pieces back together to form a sort of Frankenstein cassette?  I'd do it if I had the time.

But my notions of this having to do with cassettes are also dashed when I think about it being on compact disc.  If I was going to splice a cassette together I'd then dub it from cassette to cassette and not get the CD involved, but who knows, maybe the created monster cannot be duplicated?    Through acoustic guitar type of western strums, piano, soap opera dramatic tones, laughing and of course saxophone comes something just so scrambled, jumbled and random that the title is the best way to describe this but as much as I try to talk myself out of it being some sort of mad scientist creation I can't help but think that is the only possible scenario.

I've been trying to review all of these Rob Magill CDs (and Weird Cry Records music in general) in chronological order, going back from the earliest music and bringing myself up to the present.   When I looked for "Experiment" and "From The Year 1842" and couldn't find them on the Weird Cry Bandcamp it had them sort of floating around for me, along with "Cope" which is on the Weird Cry Bandcamp, and so I didn't really no where to put them on the timeline and so when I randomly grabbed this one and put it on I didn't think about the order of it all until it was too late.

This is the newest Rob Magill release (as per his Bandcamp page) so I kind of messed up on the order of the last three of these CDs here (Yes, there will be two more Rob Magill CD reviews after this one) but in a lot of ways it doesn't matter to me anymore because I just downloaded a bootleg that puts me out of order anyway.   If you're keeping track at home- and I really hope that you are- then listening to these CDs out of order won't be the worst thing that you could do.    Not listening is the worst thing that you could do.

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