Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CD Review: Marshmallow Coast "Vangelis Rides Again" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records)

[$7 // Edition of 500 //]

The first song on "Vangelis Rides Again" has this hippy sort of psychedelic feel to it in the way that you might think of a modern band joining forces with a classic rock band.   I can't think of enough modern bands to name for this type of crossover, but I would say it has that classic rock feel of Cream, Three Dog Night, etc.   It's just that mellow feeling mixed with those guitar riffs and it's only really on the first song.

For the rest of the album there are simply melodies and vocals, a combination of indie rock and something else.   The vocals are somewhere between They Might Be Giants, Death Cab For Cutie and Ben Folds while the music is innocent and unassuming, the likes of Copeland, Time Spent Driving, Eleventeen, The Reflector (in its pure melodic stages) and just that sort of general, non-threatening vibe.

Marshmallow Coast is something that is easy to like simply because it is so damn pleasant.   Through piano harmonies it just has this presence of "Hi, I'm here, it's me" and it never really takes a turn to either side for where you can really be offended by it or even be really moved by it.    Don't get me wrong-- I do enjoy this album because it is a nice soundtrack to whatever, but the fact that it just doesn't seem to make me feel anything is its strongest point, which is both a good and bad factor of it.

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