Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cassette Review: Jeremiah Fisher "Children's Archipelago" (Suite 309)

[$6 // Edition of 75 //]

"Children's Archipelago" begins with an audio clip and then turns into blissful modem-like loops.  I realize that saying something sounds like both a modem and is blissful doesn't seem possible but Jeremiah Fisher manages to pull it off here.   The sounds come out almost as trill and then a cross between strings and bagpipes become mixed in as well.    There is a distinct video game sound to this and as I can sense a haunted house sort of feel to it I can only begin to also compare it with "Castlevania".

Side B opens with sharpness, such as an emergency broadcast test.   Sort of vocals come through and it sounds like robots singing.    Strings are plucked, perhaps as banjos, and then it beeps again, pitting it somewhere between space and underwater.    R2D2 can be heard and then there is also this howling behind it all which is just chilling.   Following audio clips there are organs and distortion to end on and what a strange journey it has been.

If only because of a couple of things I primarily heard that seemed to stick with me afterward and upon consequent listens, I have to say that this isn't exactly a video game but more of a story and that story is set either in the future or somewhere in space and it is a horror movie.     You can create images of these creatures that howl and might just otherwise frighten you in a haunted house setting and it just becomes magic because it isn't anything like the classic Universal Horror but rather something new and never done before.

At the heart of it, Jeremiah Fisher has created an electronic piece of music with "Children's Archipelago" but it is also ambient to the extent that not only is it something worth listening to for the simple sake of hearing it but it also just has those qualities which if listened to with eyes closed and imagination open can create just such wonderful images in your mind.

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