Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cassette Review: Feverdreamt "Terban Te Ban" (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

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The first song on this Feverdreamt cassette is a combination of male and female vocals operating at the same time while acoustic sounding piano notes are played giving it this trippy vibe like you are about to enter what they used to call a "Freak Show" at the circus (You know, before it became a matter of being "PC")  Then the music just opens up into some guitar riffs and seems to find its legs from there as a rock cassette.    Initially I heard some Duran Duran coming through, as well as some FNL, and there are more musical bits than lyrics on Side A, but there is a drum machine and it just reminds me of a band such as Placebo or whoever it was that did the theme to "Smallville".

There are quieter whirrs and it does become ambient for a little bit.    Then the sounds of classic rock meets psych can come out, which brings out The Doors, Illegal Wiretaps and just the overall sound of the song "Paint It Black".   Skipping manipulation brings us to the end of Side A and Side B opens up still trippy with some combination of The Doors and Muse.   As it takes on a slower, acoustic sounding melody I begin to think of Radiohead's "Karma Police".    This leads to lots of singing, somewhat in a classically trained fashion even, with minimal music and I begin to feel it is operatic with guitar rattles.

Through elements of The Beatles and the Bush song "Greedy Fly" I can begin to sense that this is hypnotic in the delivery of its songs which has that Gatsbys American Dream carnival ride feel to them, which just also happens to go with my earlier notion of this being an introduction to a "Freak Show".     It is just very much a trip from start to finish and I do recommend everyone taking it at least once because of the diversity whereas otherwise music of this nature can feel so one-dimensional.    Though I also feel confident that should you happen to embark on this journey at least once it will leave you coming back for more.

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